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How to train Siberian Husky to Swim?

Now everyone likes to keep some pets, most of them have pet dogs, and many of the owners are also very fond of swimming, so they also like to let their pet can swim, to say that the least fond of swimming pet dog is Husky, it’s not that Husky doesn’t like to swim, exactly, it’s that he’s afraid of deep water and getting wet. Ponds, swimming pools, lakes, reservoirs, and so on were all places that Husky was afraid to go. So how do we get Husky to go swimming? Let’s take a look at it together. Here are some tips for Husky’s swimming:


1. Patience

We have to be patient when we teach Husky to swim, because some dogs aren’t very good swimmers themselves, and we have to give them more encouragement, praise, confidence, and confidence to learn, in addition, they should be given proper rest in order to ease their mood.

2. Toys

We teach our dogs to swim by gently splashing them with water to get them used to it. Then we can use toys to guide the dogs forward step by step and take them to deeper waters depending on their learning status, guide your dog’s learning with toys and encouragement.


3. Play with other dogs

We can let dogs swim with other swimming dogs when they can not swim at all. Dogs have a strong ability to imitate and learn, and soon they can learn their swimming skills through fun.

First of all, for Husky to train swimming, we have to do a good job of protection, so before going into the water, we have to do a good job of Husky’s safety. We need to get Husky used to it so we can train better. we should get it used to the water, and then gently splash the water on Husky. The master could take the toy and coax Husky to swim forward. Once Husky’s acclimated, he’ll be able to take her deep into the water. The master had to be patient, constantly praising and encouraging Husky’s progress through the water, and periodically giving Husky a break to ease his mind. So Husky can learn to swim faster. Finally, if we don’t want our dog to get sick, remember to dry off at the end of the swim. After swimming, be sure to wash it as soon as possible. And it’s best not to let Husky swim when he’s feeling under the weather, looking lethargic, or tired.

If a dog accidentally chokes in the water when it is useful, we should immediately take the dog out of the pool and cover him with a dry towel to dry him off. Then, we have to use the hairdryer to dry the dog’s body of excess water. Then we dry the dog’s ears, eye sockets, or other hiding places with cotton swabs.