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How to train Schnauzer to follow orders?

When a new Schnauzer comes into the family, the most important thing is, of course, how to train it to behave. The larger the average schnauzer, the more difficult it is to obey the downward movement command, because, for them, their height represents the height of seeing the world. If they are allowed to go down, they will feel that they are lowering their height and harming their self-esteem. Therefore, downward movement is a quick and simple effective mental stimulation for Schnauzer, and it is an opportunity for the host to show his taming ability. When the new Schnauzer can obey your downward movement command, it means that he is willing to obey you and recognize you as the master.

1. Use food to train the Schnauzer

This method is most suitable for active and stable Schnauzer dogs. It’s much easier for us to choose a suitable Schnauzer for training than it is for a big dog. We take Schnauzer to a less attractive dining place so that he can focus on your instructions and ask him to carry out “down” instructions, such as sitting down and lying down. If the dog does, the owner will give him a snack reward to let him know that the obedient dog will be rewarded. A dog who is willing to begin to obey “down” indicates that he is willing to let go of himself and begin to listen to his master. Schnauzer will be more comfortable with other training in the future.

2. Practice Schnauzer to follow instructions

The owner should start with the instruction of “sit down”. The owner should lower his height to the same height as it so that his eyes can see the firmness in your eyes and the instructions from its mouth. The owner should put his right hand in front of the dog, gently hold the dog’s right forepaw and fit with his right hand, while the left hand is on his shoulder. Don’t deliberately force him to go down Hold the dog’s right forepaw in his right hand, and slowly let his right elbow touch the ground. If his right elbow is stiff as soon as it touches the ground, he will repeat it again and again slowly until he puts down his mind. Once the dog’s elbow touches the ground, the owner immediately praises him for his good work and gives him snacks. In addition to giving him confidence, he can also remind him of the reason why he got the snack during the first step, which is helpful to relieve his mind and be willing to obey. But if the dog does not do well, the owner should not give snacks, feeding mainly let the dog learn to distinguish whether his behavior is ideal.

3. Issue action orders in order

After Schnauzer completes the downward movement, some owners should find that the dog in the family is particularly smart, and will execute the downward command by surprise, and then expect the owner to give some small snacks to encourage him. Some Schnauzers even stand up on their own shortly after following the owner’s downward command. At this time, the owner must make the dog understand that the same command must be maintained before the next command is given, for example, when the owner says “OK”. In the initial training process, the owner must pay attention not to give more than two instructions to the dog at the same time, which will make the dog at a loss, do not know which command to carry out.

4. Lead the Schnauzer to understand the instructions

At the beginning of the training process, the owner is to personally lead the dog to understand the instructions, but now we are going to help the dog on some advanced courses. In the second step, the owner holds the dog’s right forepaw with its right hand to help it understand the meaning of the command and execute the action. Now, the owner should stretch out his right hand in front of the dog (no need to close the dog’s right forepaw). Let the dog’s eyes pay attention to the owner’s right hand, let him know that the master is ready to give instructions, and then directly use his right hand to give instructions Tell him where to sit down. In the beginning, the dog will be at a loss. Please be more patient and let the dog’s brain work well and think well. Tell him repeatedly to follow the instructions given by your right hand. After several times, it will gradually know what to do.


5. Learn new actions

Once the dog has mastered the new technique, the owner can teach another instruction. First of all, the owner lets the dog execute the down command, and then ask the owner to kneel on one foot, hold the right palm down and high, and insert the left hand into the waist. At the same time, the dog is required to execute the “up” command so that it can touch the owner’s right palm at the upward height. If the dog can’t immediately respond to your command at the beginning, please don’t be discouraged. The owners can bend down and lower the height of the palm so that the dog can have a chance to complete the new command. Once the dog has done the right thing, please don’t hesitate to give snacks and praise, and gradually increase the height of the palm. In this way, the dog not only learns the “down” command but also how to follow the instruction “up”.
No one is born to know the rules and manners, and that’s why education is needed, and so is Schnauzer. Although human beings and Schnauzer doesn’t speak the same language, they can communicate and educate through body language and food temptation. As long as the owner patiently and correctly instructs, the naughty Schnauzer will become a close and good partner.