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How to train Samoyeds to Hold the Pee?

If you don’t train, you may not know how long can Samoyeds hold their pee. If we want Samoyed to hold its pee, we should train the dog. Samoyed is smart enough to be trained to hold and urinate in certain places from two to three months.

Common Methods:

(1). We need to designate a place for Samoyed to pee at home first because the dog can not be trained to hold his pee for long enough to get out of the house in time. For example, we could find a corner in a well-ventilated bathroom or balcony, lay a newspaper on it. And we should put some of its urine on another piece of paper, and then hold it to the newspaper and let it smell. Samoyed usually defecates within 20-40 minutes of eating. When he drinks more water, he will be quicker. Before defecating, he will sniff around and turn in a circle. Then we can immediately carry him to the newspaper. If it defecates outside of the newspaper, we can gently hit it on the spot, let it remember not to defecate here, and then move its excrement to the newspaper, hold it there and let it smell. The training lasts about a week, and the dog remembers what the area is for. The dog then comes to the area to defecate on its own, and the owner cleans it up.


(2). When the Samoyed is a little bit older, about 3 months, we can take it out regularly to defecate, a month or so, it can learn to hold the urine to wait for the owner to take it out again to pee. This we have to teach it, guide it, and it has nothing to do with how big it is, our little girl will be in three months later, at first specifically in the room to pee, and then after a period of time of instruction, finally know in the location of the stool.

(3). We can also take him out to play at certain times of the day so that he will naturally go to the toilet when he is outside, and then we can take him to that place at certain times of the day, and the dog will get used to it.


It would be difficult to train a dog just by reprimanding it, and it would lead to the other extreme where a Samoyed dog would be untrustworthy as a human. Some people believe that verbal discipline is less effective than corporal punishment. Then, when the Samoyed dog does not obey. In this way, the Samoyed dogs, tantamount to a threat to their safety, so there is a rebellious heart. In doing so, you lose the purpose of your training. The Samoyed dog is a clever animal, but it doesn’t have to be taught all at once. It should be taught over and over again with patience. A series of bad behaviors, such as reprimands and corporal punishment, should be put an end to. Those who are good at training dogs often show samoyed dogs that they are happiest and safest with their owners.