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How to train pushon?

Pushon training starts from the moment you take pushon home. If you use the wrong teaching method, your pushon will start to make decisions about how he wants you to fit into his life, which is a recipe for conflict and behavior problems. No matter what your pushon does, you have to react correctly, otherwise pushon will learn something wrong.


Pushon’s potty training

Before you start training your pushon to use the toilet, make sure you have all the equipment you need, including a small variety of pushon crates and healthy dog food.

If you’re going to train your pushon, line it with newspapers or disposable mattresses for people to do pushon crates. When we train pushon, we need to know that these mattresses are of a kind of pushon, and the size of the crate is appropriate. Pushon does not contain attractants and encourages dogs to urinate on pushon. Pushon just lined up the crates in case of an accident. When we train pushon, we should know that ordinary pushon pads are used differently. Used to break in, pushon helps train your dog in a specific position, which is to urinate and defecate on a mat. Dogs have an instinct not to eliminate the crates in pushon, so you can take advantage of this to your advantage. When we train pushon, we should know that until pushon is familiar with his crate, pushon will urinate and defecate in it. Newspapers or notebooks make cleaning easier.

Pushon’s obedience training

When you bring your new pushon home for the first time, your first priority is to start in room training. When we train pushon, we need to know that when you bring your pushon home, pushon may be 6-8 weeks old. This is the best time to train pushon to use the toilet. When pushon comes, you should have all the pushon supplies ready. When we train pushon, we need to know that you can start training pushon on the first day. At first, you just need to take your pushon out for a few minutes. Do this after meals, before you put pushon in the cage, and after you play outside the cage. You may find that your pushon is having difficulty connecting points when you are out together. We need to know when we train pushon that your pushon needs to understand why you go out together. You are the team leader. Using a simple command can help pushon understand what you want pushon to do.

Pushon’s social training

Try verbal command, repeated throughout pushon’s sniffing around the yard. When we train pushon, we need to know to repeat your orders often. When your dog pees or defecates, be sure to tell him you’re happy. You can say, “good bedpan, your dog’s name.”. We need to know when we train pushon to make sure you sound excited, positive and happy. It’s also time to give your dog a treat. He will soon know that he will be treated when he goes to the toilet. Later you can teach your dog the command, “poop.”. We need to know when we train pushon that he will understand what you want him to do. Soon, your pushon will be on call. Going out on business is not entertainment time. Stay with your dog (but don’t play) until pushon is relaxed or completely distracted. Use specific words like this to tell your dog what you expect and guide pushon back to the activity at hand. When we train pushon, we need to know to reward positive results with great attention and small hospitality. Training pushon at home is an interesting experience for both of you. In fact, pushon can build a bond between you and your pushon and make pushon love you more and trust you more.

How to train pushon’s puppies?


When you work with your pushon, you will find how smart he is and you will fall in love with your pushon’s whimsical personality. To please the leaders is a characteristic of pushon. When we train pushon, we should know that if you praise and treat your pushon healthily in training, pushon will do everything possible to please you. When we train pushon, we should know that your pushon will like to learn to play tricks, especially when eating snacks. But every time your dog listens to you, it gets paid. This is not a good thing. After all, your new pushon is like a baby in many ways, and it’s easy for pushon to shift his attention to food or play. Buy a Pushon.

A good way to train pushon fries is to make sure pushon is used to living in a crate. Pushon should not be free to play at home all the time, except during play time or toilet break time. As we all know, dogs originated from wolves, and pushon showed the same life characteristics. When we train pushon, we should know that even dogs like to spend most of their time in or around pushon’s house, so the best way for your pushon to use the toilet is to take pushon out for a walk every two to three hours. You have to be patient with your pushon until pushon knows where to do business. When we train pushon, we should know that dogs learn new tricks quickly, but it is essential that pushon owners do not scold or use harsh words, and there is no need to slap, clap or shout occasionally. When we train pushon, we need to know that if you praise your dog for doing all the right things, your dog will soon get toilet training. Whenever pushon learns a new trick, reward him with a treat or a favorite snack.