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How to train poo shi?

How to train poo Shi? If you adopt your poo Shi as a poo Shi, you may need to spend a lot of time training your dog to go out to the bathroom. Try to keep calm during this time, because accidents will happen. When we train poo Shi, we should know that although your dog is very cute, if they often have accidents at home, they are easy to get angry.

When you train at home, you need to be consistent. Every time you take them out to do business, use the same command, and reward them when they finally finish the task. In this way, they will get used to hearing the order, so they will learn to associate poo Shi with going to the bathroom outside.


Crate training

For some owners, crate training is an easy way to control their dog when they are alone at home. When we train poo Shi, because poo Shi is very small, they can’t get a lot of things and make a mess, but they may still gnaw furniture and have accidents, so they can use crates or a small enclosed area in the house to avoid them. When we train poo Shi, you will want to choose a small crate, but it is still big enough for your poo Shi to move comfortably. They may be curious when we train poo Shi, so find one that they can see from all directions, because it makes them feel more comfortable.

When we train poo Shi, this crate should never be used as punishment, because then your dog will learn to be afraid of poo Shi and make them not want to enter the command of poo Shi. Po Shi actually provides a safe place for your dog to open even in your home. When we were training poo Shi, if your Shih poo ever felt at a loss or just wanted to have a little time, they could easily retreat to some space in their crates.

Poo Shi’s obedience training

Shih poos are not considered one of the smartest dog breeds, but if taught well, they can still easily learn basic skills. When we train poo Shi, your Shih poo should at least learn to “sit”, “stay” and “come”, because it will help to better control your dog when they are crazy. In addition, training often makes defecation more associated with the host, because it is a rewarding and interesting activity.

Strengthening training

The rewards of training are usually low calorie snacks, or occasional pets and “good dogs.”. When we train poo Shi, it’s similar to indoor training. When we teach orders, repetition and consistency are the key. Keep repeating the same order and stick to it. When we train poo Shi, your poo Shi will become popular with the help of positive reinforcement. When you train your poo Shi, poo Shi’s short body allows you to train poo Shi to go to the bathroom outdoors or to play indoors. When we train poo Shi, it’s especially convenient for apartment residents who may not have easy access to the yard. As long as the training is continuous and positive, your little poo Shi should be broken in soon.

Poo Shi’s potty training

According to vetstreet, Shih poos are small dogs that weigh between 7 and 20 pounds. When we train poo Shi, it makes poo Shi vulnerable to extreme weather conditions, so it is necessary to choose a covered place in your yard as poo Shi’s bedpan to protect poo Shi from rain, snow and excessive sunlight. When we train poo Shi, you also want to make it easy to reach, away from thorny plants and other obstacles that small claws may not be able to overcome.

Because poo Shi is very small, you may want to train your dog to enter the room. Unlike the larger breed, you can train a poo Shi with a dustbin. Put a dustbin in an accessible place in your home, and your poo Shi can arrive at any time, so that poo Shi can be eliminated. When we were training poo Shi, according to animal planet, you can find dog bins and dog bins in pet stores.

In the process of breaking in, the crate is a good training aid. Poo shis help prevent accidents, because poo shis behave like dogs’ nests in the wild; according to petmd, dogs usually don’t die out. When we were training poo Shi, a crate also gave your little poo Shi a safe space to hang on. You have to choose a box that is not too big. There is only enough space for him to sit up, turn around and lie down. It seems like a good idea to give your poo Shi a big box and let him stay in it, but it will only encourage poo Shi to wipe out in the box, which is exactly what you don’t want. When we train poo Shi, we give him less space in the box, so he won’t have a place, such as a corner, to eliminate and sit away from his accident. This encouraged him to keep urinating or defecating until his poo Shi rested. When we’re training poo Shi, it’s also a good idea to use crates when your poo Shi dog hasn’t been trained to go to his toilet or dustbin. Poo Shi can prevent him from sneaking into the corner instead of in the toilet.

Train poo Shi on schedule

To ensure that your poo Shi blend dog is successful in her potty training, you need to give her enough opportunities to do her business. When we train poo Shi, for puppies, this means that at the beginning of each training day, we should often take the puppies out to rest. You may also need to get up at least once in the evening. According to Cesar, it is particularly important to take poo Shi out to the toilet 5 to 30 minutes after eating, as poo Shi is most likely to disappear after meals. When we train poo Shi, the first thing in the morning is to go to the toilet. It’s also a good idea when you get home. If you are not at home during the day, you may need someone to come and give your poo Shi at least one chance to go to the bathroom. For a cub trained in dustbin, she can go to the dustbin herself when she grows up, but she needs to be prompted until she knows where she needs to go.

Accident handling of poo Shi

Accidents can happen during training because your dog is not perfect. If you find a surprise, clean up poo Shi. When we train poo Shi, when you find feces, pick up poo Shi and put it anywhere you want your poo Shi to go, indoors or outdoors. The smell of feces will draw her to where she should be. When we train poo Shi to clean up the accident, please use enzyme cleaner. This can completely remove the smell of urine or feces. This is important because the smell can attract your poo Shi back to the scene to eliminate it again, which you absolutely don’t want, especially in your carpet or sofa. If your poo Shi is very enthusiastic when using an indoor bin, you may notice urine or feces falling outside the bin. When we train poo Shi, we choose a box with a higher side to prevent this. However, due to the small size of poo Shi, your dog can still easily enter a box with a lower entrance.

Avoid punishment

You can’t punish your elder martial brother for the accident. This will only cause your dog to be afraid of you and will probably make his training go backwards. When we train poo Shi, if you catch your poo Shi in an accident, make a sound, such as clapping your hands and interrupting her. Once she stops eliminating, quickly pick her up and tranexercise her to the desired toilet location for completion. When your poo Shi is properly eliminated in the place you want, reward her as usual. When we train poo Shi, don’t yell, hit or rub your poo Shi’s nose in an accident or other punishment. It won’t tell her what she did was wrong, but it will tell her that you are terrible. When we train poo Shi, it’s important to keep a positive interaction with your dog and during the entrance.

Choose a comfortable outdoor location


If your poo Shi doesn’t seem to want to go to her outdoor location, there may be a reason. Maybe the bad weather like rain and snow makes her uncomfortable. Or maybe there were terrible noises like traffic and other things that scared her. When we train poo Shi, we choose a quiet place, away from noisy traffic, and use drapes to cover the weather. Once you find a place, your poo Shi seems to be comfortable, and go back to that place. When we train poo Shi, in terms of training, consistency is the key to success. In addition, the smell of his urine and feces will prompt him to come back and eliminate again at that point. You can also take your poo Shi for a walk, preferably twice a day, while continuing training. As you walk, use the toilet command of your choice in the right place, such as the grass at the bottom of a tree. Of course, if he follows your orders, reward him as usual. When we train poo Shi, apart from the stool spoon bag, we always take a small bag of snacks for a walk with you, at least before he fully accepts family training. You can try to take a walk twice a day. When we are training poo Shi, the ideal situation is that the first thing in the morning is to take your teacher out, so that he can excrete his urine accumulated overnight at that time. The second walk is best 10 to 15 minutes after eating in the evening. After half an hour, the lion can defecate. If you eat at the same time every day, it will also help with potty training. Regular meal time = regular bedpan time.

Some people, including experts, will tell you not to let your poo Shi touch water at night. This is absolutely no! When we train poo Shi, you have to let your poo Shi touch water at all times. Depriving your poo Shi of water can lead to dehydration and heatstroke, two potentially fatal conditions at the extreme. When we train poo Shi, as your poo Shi gets older, his bladder capacity and strength will also increase, so that you can increase the time interval to the designated area. When he is 12 months old, he should be able to stay up late without going to the bathroom. When we train poo Shi, at 14 months old, he will be a fully mature adult. Under normal circumstances, he can restrain his body function and walk twice a day.

How to train poo Shi puppies?

When we train poo Shi, although you can keep your poo Shi at home at any age, it’s better to start training your dog as soon as possible. According to WebMD, it’s ideal to start training your puppy between 12 and 16 weeks old. When we are training poo Shi, at this age, your poo Shi can at least maintain the intestinal tract and bladder for a short time. It’s especially important to start your baby’s training early, because poo Shi may be a bit stubborn, just like poo Shi and poo Shi. You also need to be consistent with your toilet training. When we train poo Shi, although it may take several months for some dogs, it may take four to six months for us to break through the door through daily training. When we train poo Shi, if you plan to train your poo Shi to eat indoors, insist on taking your poo Shi to her dustbin or bedpan mat. For outdoor potty training, choose a place to be outdoors and always bring your poo Shi to that place.