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How to train Pomeranians to be obedient?

Pomeranians are very unruly and now when we walk down the street we see many of our friends with their pets, and Pomeranian is one of the more popular breeds. When we get a Pomeranian, in addition to keeping it well, what we should do if the Pomeranian doesn’t behave well? What can we do to train Pomeranians?


Pomeranian appearance standard:

Pomeranian’s head matched his body, and most of his hair was white. It looked noble, like a ball of fur in the distance, and pleasant. The Pomeranians range is 3 to 7 pounds, and the ideal weight for a racial Pomeranians is 4 to 6 pounds. However, the overall quality is more important than size. The body length (from shoulder to hip) is slightly less than the height at the withers, and the distance from the chest to the ground is equal to half the height at the withers. Pomeranian has medium bone mass and legs that are in balance with her body structure. When you touch it, it feels strong.

Pomeranian personality traits:

1. Pomeranian’s first impression to people should be aesthetic in general, with a Fox like the expression on its face, but it should also be characterized by naivety and vivacity.

2. Because of the difference between male and female, Pomeranian should have a distinct difference in temperament appearance, that is, the Pomeranian male dog should have a “ferocious” look, showing a strong will. Pomeranian bitches are “sweet” and “gentle. ”.


How to train Pomeranian:

1. For Pomeranians who aren’t trained, we can use toys to attract them. For the occasional Pomeranian, we can use a toy or a squirt gun to distract ourselves. Keep Pomeranians out of the habit. We can pat it on the nose with our hands, at the same time loudly reprimanding it, let it feel the owner’s unhappiness.

2. If the pomeranian’s behavior was excessive, and the owner did want to punish Pomeranian a little, he could grab the Pomeranian by the skin on the back of the neck, lift Pomeranian off the ground, shake him violently, and yell at him, or shoot the Pomeranian in the face with a water pistol, keep Pomeranian quiet.

3. When a Pomeranian ignores his or her owner, the owner can make him or her feel uncomfortable with a stern expression and then gently slap him or her on the head to prevent him or her from eating his or her favorite food or tightening his collar. Lock Pomeranian in a cage if necessary. The owner uses a stick and a fly swatter to scare him, but don’t actually hit him, just to make him remember the lesson.

4. Although we try to avoid punishment for Pomeranians as much as possible, moderate punishment can speed up the training process in order to help the Pomeranian correct bad habits or change the wrong training response.

For a Pomeranian who is insubordinate to his training, the owner can not beat and abuse the dog, which will only alienate the owner and Pomeranian. Pomeranian doesn’t really understand why beating and scolding, or gratuitous corporal punishment, would make a Pomeranian tired of training.