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How to train basenji?

How to train Basenji? When we train Basenji, we should not suddenly catch a sleeping Basenji, push Basenji to the corner and reach for him, put him on your back, put him at your feet when eating, fight for the “right to beg”, and let a Basenji who is afraid of children indulge in a group of children, etc.


When do you start training Basenji?

As mentioned above, Basenji is a very smart dog. Basenji was soon taught by his master, which made it easy to train Basenji. Although it’s not good to train Basenji when Basenji is old, training should start when Basenji is not ready to learn new things from its owners. We need to know when we train Basenji that we start from childhood, take time to control the dog’s character and make it more compliant. When they are very young, they will be very naughty and will bite anything they can. They are naughty and enthusiastic puppies, but they can take orders and obey them. We need to know simple commands when training Basenji, such as sitting down, lying down, giving claws to learn through repetition and reward.

The appropriate age to start training is 6-8 weeks, when Basenji is enthusiastic and eager to please his host. We should know when training Basenji from the foundation, such as the name of Basenji, belt to lead Basenji, go to the toilet training, and so on. Only when Basenji has completed basic obedience training can he move forward.

We need to know when we train Basenji that agile training should start at the age of 9-12 months. By this time, Basenji will have the basics and be ready for advanced training. This time should be kept in mind, because if the time for basic training is over, it will be very difficult to train dogs, and Basenji may become a very stubborn adult.

Don’t force Basenji to train

Basenji is one of the few that can look you in the eye. Cultivate Basenji’s “kindness” and you will have Basenji’s love for life. You don’t want Basenji to do anything you can’t strengthen. We need to know when we train Basenji if you want a growling Basenji to come down from his bed, convince him to do something interesting elsewhere and call him, or to take a six foot belt when you can monitor him. We need to use belts when we train Basenji, and you can simply pull gently. Look! He’s gone.

Basenji’s obedience training

Basenji is a positive, bait rewarding and click training method for suckers. We need to know when we train Basenji that if you put cookies in front of Basenji’s nose, Basenji will do anything for you. Using force or despicable means against Basenji, some people may become aggressive, if not downright bad.

We need to know when Basenji trains you with a wonderful signal from most Basenji, telling you when Basenji is anxious, happy, sad, nervous, scared or angry. We need to know when training Basenji that if you see any negative warning signals, find ways to save face to reduce the severity of the situation. Usually this is a distraction and a different way to solve the problem (preferably a positive way).

Basenji’s training password

We need to know when training Basenji that if your dog is roaring, or is doing something he or she shouldn’t do, distract the dog (say “squirrel”, “car”, “walk” etc.), give the dog a command to obey, such as “sit down!”! “And then praise your request. (by the way, stay focused or Basenji won’t believe you any more.) We need to know that Basenji’s attention span is like a mosquito when we train Basenji, so distraction is usually like a charm that can distract.

Alpha training

When we train Basenji, we need to know that the best way to convince your dog that you are alpha is to do a lot of obedience and practical things at zero in the day. Let the dog “come”, “sit”, “sit”, “follow” or “stay” together. When they do so, praise them. We need to know when we train Basenji that you have ordered (your rank above Basenji), and that Basenji has obeyed (the rank under you). We need to know that this is a win-win situation when training Basenji. You not only show your “alpha” very friendly, but also you can praise Basenji for doing what you ask Basenji to do in good faith.

Strengthening training

When you have to ask Basenji to do something that Basenji doesn’t like, it’s “money in the bank.”. We need to know when we train Basenji that I am different from the old people, and I think it’s cruel not to pay attention to and love a dog. My dog is always like this, I constantly praise and touch someone. We need to know when we train Basenji that if I don’t have time or do it well now, I don’t, but most of the time if Basenji wants some love and “demands,” I’ll be like you treat a child of yours. I like to see myself as a kind alpha.

How to train Basenji puppies?


We need to know when we train Basenji that if someone starts to think that he is the owner of the bed, Basenji can be temporarily arranged on a bed on the floor, and then invited to take a six foot long Basenji. My dog never talks to us in bed. We need to know when training Basenji that your Basenji puppies need a comfortable and quiet place to sleep away from all the breeze, from the floor or the ground. We’re training Basenji to know you might want to buy a dog bed or make one in a wooden box. Put clean blankets, sheets, quilts or pillows in the bed. Clean Basenji’s bedspread frequently. We need to know when training Basenji that if your Basenji takes a lot of time outdoors, make sure she has plenty of cold water and shade in summer, and warm, dry and covered shelter in cold times.