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How to train an Ibizan Hound?

How to train an ibizan hound? Training is important for an Ibizan Hound. Ibizan Hound is a Spanish variety. Its origin can be traced back to Egypt around 3400 BC, when the ancestors of ibizan hound were used as hunting dogs. Today, ibizan Hound is used for hunting and company. Is ibizan hound easy to train? Let’s have a look.

Is ibizan hound easy to train?

Training is important for an Ibizan Hound. Ibizan Hound is usually cold to strangers and tends to think that he is equal to his human companions in status. As a result, ibizan hound can sometimes be as willful and independent as most visual hounds. However, ibizan Hound is rarely aggressive. Ibizan Hound is naturally good at getting along with children, gentle, sensible and sensitive. So, ibizan Hound is easy to train. Ibizan Hound is gentle, affectionate and loyal. It’s protective and doesn’t attack suddenly. Ibizan hound would flinch cautiously in front of strangers. Once it believes that strangers have no malice, they will soon relax. Ibizan Hound is very versatile. Ibizan Hound is a trainable breed. Ibizan Hound is a good family mate and is very suitable for the variety of rings, obedience, tracking and, of course, seduction process. But be careful of small pets, such as rabbits, cats and rodents. The ibizan has a strong predatory instinct and is raised to hunt and kill these animals.

How do you train ibizan hound?

Like all breeds of dogs, ibizan hound should have good social interaction with other dogs, other animals, adults and children. Ibizan hound’s obedience training should start as early as possible because of their high prey drive. Ibizan Hound is a gregarious animal, so it’s easy to introduce a puppy to a family. Training is important for an Ibizan Hound. The ibizans believe that human beings are their ethnic group, so any member of the ethnic group must be introduced slowly. An apartment or a small house will just fine the breed as long as they receive daily exercise and space to lie down. Yard with security fence is very important for this breed.

Although this Hound is very adaptable, the best owner for this breed should be an active, experienced, suburban or rural owner. Ibizan hound needs a lot of exercise. In order to satisfy its migratory instinct, it should travel at least twice a day. When going out for a walk, make sure that the dog follows the person who leads the dog, not in the front, because instinct tells the dog that the leader is the guide, and the guide must be a person. If you really care about your dog, if you really love it, you should look for the right information on how to train the ibizan. There are many steps that need to be followed in the ibizan hound training program. You have to know that any dog training, especially ibizan hound training, has to be done step by step and consistently. Almost all dog training must begin when the dog is six months old and begin when the dog is four months old. During the training of ibizan hound, the dog was taught how to deal with gun noise, and he was also taught not to bark only when asked. All the information about ibizan hound training needs to be carefully understood and put into practice. It is very important that you get all the information about how to train an ibizan hound person who has the right to give this information, otherwise you may get the wrong information and you will not be able to get the right training for your dog. Buy a Ibizan Hound.

  1. Train ibizan hound to sit
    You need to use the dog collar and the dog belt as auxiliary items to complete the four basic training commands. After you put these two things around your ibizan hound’s neck, you can start teaching him the first command. If you pull up the dog’s leash and press it on your back, you will let it sit down. Training is important for an Ibizan Hound. Order it to sit down when it takes a position and then praise it for everything it has done.
  2. Training ibizan hound stay
    You can start teaching your ibizan hound to stay in position only when you teach it to sit. Training is important for an Ibizan Hound. When ibizan Hound is sitting, keep him in front of you and put the dog’s leash over his head. If ibizan hound wants to stand up, pull the belt up until the dog sits down again. After a while, your ibizan hound will obey and will be able to execute orders on his own.
  3.  Train ibizan hound to lie down
    Training is important for an Ibizan Hound. To teach your ibizan hound to lie down, pull the dog’s leash diagonally to his back or press it down from his shoulder blades until he lies down. Every time ibizan hound executes an order, you should praise him, because his self-confidence will be greatly enhanced.