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How to train a Snorkie?

Training a snorkie at home can be a challenge because it’s a bit stubborn. However, if you put reasonable practice in place, you can manage it. When your snorkie makes a mistake, remember not to hit it. This will only frighten your pet and has no other use. Your snorkie is a hybrid of Yorkshire hound and Shih Shih dog, both are known for their high training. Keep in mind that shorkies will respond best to your new training program if you are strict with it.


Make snorkie’s training routine

First of all, it’s crucial that you build your wayward snorkie puppies routine. Snorkie usually relaxes before getting up, eating or going to bed. Take it outside at these times. It’s also important that you take it to the same place to lighten yourself when you do. Be sure to tie it to the belt.

Snorkie’s crate training

Not every pet lover advocates crating because it seems inhumane to lock up a dog. However, crates have their uses. If you take your pet on a road trip or to the vet, you’ll need it. It’s also your pet’s space. Most importantly, a crate reminds a dog that it can’t relax anywhere. When you select a crate, make sure your snorkie hands stand up, sit down, turn around and lie in it. If it’s too big, your dog may choose a place where it can relax. In order for your snorkie to use it, put something in it. Leave the door open. Your pet will find the box attractive and go in by itself.

Snorkie’s potty training

If you live in an apartment, let your pet read the newspaper. Your dog can’t help himself in the yard. You put a newspaper on the place where you want snorkie to make a bedpan. Put a cardboard box around it and leave the dog inside. Your snorkie will get used to relaxing there. Once it is, take some paper away. Your dog will get used to using smaller areas. If you don’t want to use newspapers, the pan is also a useful choice. Buy a Snorkie.


Using bells to train snorkie

A very useful training tool. It reminds your dog that it needs to leave. If you have a dog door, use it. Let your dog hit him when he goes to the bathroom. The sound will tell it it’s time to relax.