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How to train a shug?

In order to train Shug, you must first find out what the Shug wants most. Knowing that what your Shug wants most is to make you happy will warm your heart. Shug wants to make the host happy and is willing to do almost anything.

Is Shug easy to train?


We need to know that when we train Shug, she has a stubborn tendency, but it is not as strong as the urge to please others. Because this is what your Shug wants most, it’s very difficult to train your Shug. We need to know that Shug is a cheerful dog when we train Shug. They like to stay indoors, and you’ll usually find them lying on the sofa or on the Shug bed. Shug never likes to lie on the floor. She always puts her body on soft things. One of the reasons why we train Shug is that it’s easy to train.

Shug’s crate training

We need to know when we train Shugs that they are small, which means you can train them if you want. When I trained Shug, I found that crates worked best. We need to know when we train Shug, it feels like manipulating a bug, it can feel wrong. Many people love you with your Shug and get what you want. It makes you feel sick or wrong.

Shug’s early training is important

These strong willed Shugs need to be trained early, especially in the first six months of their lives. We need to know when we train Shug that this time is crucial for training. It’s much harder to change Shug’s behavior after six months.

Shu’s obedience training

We need to know when we train Shug that she is stubborn, independent, intelligent and can quickly get tired of repetitive sports. We need to know when we train Shugs that they are not easy to train, and that with their crazy, funny, distracting antics, your Shugs sometimes seem impossible to train at all. We need to know when we train Shug that she has a strange and special desire to please the owner. When we train Shug, we should know that when the master is consistent and patient, Shug can train Shug to do skills or prompts, or train behavior to Shug.

Use positive reinforcement

We need to know when we train Shug that praise is the name of the game when we train Shug. Because Shug really wants it, it’s one of your best tools. When Shug does good, praise him. We need to know that they thrive on the attention of the host when we train Shugs. You can teach your Shug behavior patterns through this strategy.

We need to know that the most important thing we need to know when we train Shug is not to praise those behaviors carelessly. Although cute, it is not the focus of the training practice you are doing. It’s a good start to use food as a reward at the beginning of training, because Shug likes food very much.

How to train the Shug puppies?


Social training of Shug

We need to know when we train Shug that the little Shug teaches you to get along with other pets and people who Shug doesn’t know. We should know when we train Shug that you can invite friends from Shug to your house, or even take Shug to Shug Park, so that Shug can know other Shugs and gradually learn how to interact with them.

Shu’s obedience training

You should train your little Shug to control his stubbornness with commands. Once your pet is familiar with the “come” command, you can teach it to come to you at the moment you call it. Say “Lai” and its name in a firm voice, then gradually push back, and at the same time lure it with food to get close to you. We need to know when we train Shug that once it succeeds, we reward it with hospitality and praise. We need to know how many more times we practice when we train Shug so that your plug will appear immediately when you call it, even if it is distracted by something else. Buy a Shug.

Family training: this should start at the same time as obedience training. We need to know when we train Shug to take Shug out every two hours from the beginning. Always let your Shug eliminate in a specific place so that he can associate it with its own ease. You can also teach it a specific word, such as “toilet”, “let’s go” and so on, so that every time it feels to eliminate it, even without your help, it will go directly to that specific place. We need to know when training Shug that when your Shug is doing well, reward it appropriately with praise and hospitality.