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How to train a pomimo?

In general, Pomimo is smart and easy to train. In fact, training Pomimo is so interesting that you may be motivated to pursue the title of AKC trick Pomimo. We need to know when we train Pomimo that you can try to give your Pomimo an hour of activity, daily and three different activities, weekly. Focus on keeping your training fun and easy, and don’t expect perfection. If a session becomes frustrating, try to make it easier or shorten the day.

Obedience training of Pomimo


Since these Pomimo are inherently wayward, Pomimo needs a trainer who is strong and consistent in training. When we train Pomimo, we need to know that Pomimo needs to socialize with other Pomimo and animals as soon as possible to prevent Pomimo from becoming aggressive and shy in the future. We should know to obey the training form of “quiet” command when training Pomimo. Whenever Pomimo starts unnecessary barking, it will prevent Pomimo from becoming an over barking.

We need to know that the first day you take your Pomimo home is the first day of Pomimo training. When he enters the door, he begins to implant good behavior in him, so that he knows what is expected of him.

When do you start training?

We should know that Pomimo is very curious when we train Pomimo, and we begin to learn shortly after Pomimo is born. As long as you can walk with your eyes open, you can do some small training. Pomimo has been very playful since childhood. Puppies usually have a short attention span, but you can teach Pomimo simple and basic obedience, such as “sit down”, “sit down” and “stay” from 7 to 8 weeks of age.

Where can we train Pomimo?

The best place to train your Pomimo is your home, because it’s the only place where Pomimo can feel comfortable, and you can easily train Pomimo through a short rest. When we train Pomimo, we should know that kindergarten may not be the right choice for your Pomimo, because sometimes trainers may be too rough or cowardly with your Pomimo, which can easily crush your potential for Pomimo. We need to know when training Pomimo that when you associate an action with a treat, Pomimo can quickly understand what you want to do with Pomimo, so the owner should not spend too much time training the Pomimo puppies. Reward training is the easiest way to make your friends understand that when you say “sit” or “stay”, you will get a delicious treat if you say “stay”! We should be patient when training Pomimo, remember not to improve your voice, because Pomimo can feel your anger or anger at Pomimo, and will not be inclined to listen to what you teach Pomimo.

How to train Pomimo to stop biting?

He is willful, precocious and likes to bite. We need to know when we train Pomimo that biting is an instinct and that we should change direction rather than punishment. Your new American Pomimo can learn that biting is the only appropriate, and when Pomimo chews food and toys, humans are forbidden. Your teeth bite harder and more frequently at certain stages of their growth cycle. When we train Pomimo, it is important to know that the correct bite mode taught to you in the early stage is very important to prevent Pomimo from hurting one person or another in the future.

You’re going to practice biting with your boss. When we train Pomimo, we should know that one of the earliest instincts of MIMO is bit suppression, which will practice with mom and small partners. When you bite, you shout out, like, “Ouch!” This should make pomio back, stop biting for a while, give you a chance to walk away and ignore Pomimo. We should know that when we train Pomimo, it is not allowed to practice this instinct to teach your American Pomimo to bite too much.

How to train Pomimo puppies?


The most important thing in training Pomimo puppies is the socialized training and obedience training of Pomimo. We need to know when we train Pomimo that when your Pomimo bit too much, you can give Pomimo a pause. American Pomimo may forget itself when playing, and may bite you too hard without realizing that it hurts. Isolating your pomimio in another room or cage is a great way to tell pomimio that game time is over and pomimio is naughty. We need to know when we train Pomimo that you see me spray deodorant on my hand. Many pet shops sell a spray that you can use on your hands to make Pomimo taste bad. When your American Pomimo bites your hand, Pomimo will taste unpleasant and don’t want to bite more. When we train Pomimo, we need to know that the negative side of using this spray is that Pomimo will affect your Pomimo, even if Pomimo just licks your hands. If you are not careful, you can spread to the dog’s toys.