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How to train a mountain cur?

How do you train mountain cur? We all know that the mountain cur is a working dog, raised for squirrels and raccoons, as well as large prey like bears. This is a medium to large dog, about 18 to 26 inches tall and weighing between 30 and 60 pounds. The life span of mountain cur is about 14 to 16 years. Therefore, when we train mountain cur, we should conform to the characteristics that mountain cur is a working dog.

Mountain cur is easy to train

The history of mountain cur can be traced back to the settlers from Europe to the United States. Hounds, mainly hounds and hounds, breed with Native American dogs, resulting in the amiable and trainable mountain cur. Mountain cur can be stubborn, but once you get used to it, it’s easy to train. You need to be firmly in line with them and let mountain cur understand that you are in charge. They are eager and smart, but because they live to please their owners, they may be sensitive to harsh training methods, so you need to be careful. Mountain cur also needs patience, so you need a lot of patience!
Patience is very important when training mountain cur, which ensures that your mountain cur is trained from a young age, so they don’t start to show signs of unwelcome behavior as they grow up. Just as important as training is that you need to socialize with your mountain cur from an early age. Mountain cur has a guardian mentality, so the sooner you associate it with other people and dogs, they will realize that not everything is a threat and they don’t need to protect you from anything. It will also help them to be aggressive to any other person or animal that mountain cur considers a dangerous owner may show. Mountain cur is easy to train, but you have to be careful of its aggressiveness.

How to train mountain cur?

There are some special requirements for mountain cur, which we should consider when training mountain cur. Mountain cur has great activity ability. When raised as a working dog, the mountain cur can walk or run 15 miles or more a day. They are still enthusiastic about the activity, so mountain cur is easy to train.
In addition, because this mountain cur is a prey raised for chasing and climbing trees, such as squirrels and raccoons, mountain Cur has a very wonderful ability to climb trees.
In the past, this kind of mountain cur was used to force traditional tree climbing animals to the tree, where they would be shot by hunters. Dogs like mountain Cur are trained to bark at animals constantly so that they don’t come down. Although this practice is not popular today, these dogs still like to be active. So, with the right motivation, your mountain Cur has the potential to climb 10 feet or more! So if you want to train mountain Cur to climb trees, you can try it.

Mountain Cur needs a lot of space to train

For these reasons, it is essential to provide a lot of positive interaction for your mountain Cur. Mountain Cu will like anything from running, games, training, swimming, retrieval and more. A mountain Cur will never be in a small, enclosed space, such as an apartment without a yard. You should also plan your enclosure, fence and crate or kennel design in advance. This ensures that your mountain Cur doesn’t become a runaway artist! So you have to make sure that when training mountain Cur, mountain Cur has a lot of space to run. Finally, the mountain Cur is a breed eager to train. However, the dog is neither submissive nor patient. Mountain Cur is also very intolerant of rough or autocratic training or discipline. Therefore, the firm and confident but gentle and affectionate method will give you the best training effect of mountain Cur. Buy a Mountain cur.

Socialization of training mountain Cur

As a natural guardian species, mountain Cur will need a lot of socialization to become a happy member of a family. From the first day they arrive, you need to start a plan to interact closely with people. It’s the same with other pets. You need to train mountain Cur to interact with other people and animals.
To do this, make sure you have visitors of different ages every day. This will help your puppy understand that new people approaching the house is not a threat. Take your mountain Cur to many places, sit there and feed it when people pass by.