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How to train a Maltese to be quiet with strangers?

It is not easy for us to teach the Maltese to greet strangers in a friendly way. First of all, when a dog is facing a stranger, it is impossible for the owner to comfort the dog every time. Secondly, dogs growl at intruders is a habit that has been developed for thousands of years. It is impossible to give up so easily. In this case, we need to correct the behavior of the Maltese or use distractions to avoid the dog’s conditioning, and we have to do something to break their old behavior patterns.


1. Special collar:

Veterinarians sometimes suggest that you put a special collar on your dog. This collar will give you a spray of Platycodon flavors when the dog growl. Dogs dislike the smell, and the sound of spray will distract them. They’re going to make a terrible noise and roar in the end.

2. Active detector:

If you’re determined to go to a stranger’s paw shop to solve your pet’s growling problem, go to the dog’s paw detector store. When a dog approaches a door or a window, it makes a loud noise, making it impossible for the dog to get close to it, so as not to see strangers coming.

3. Pot + coin:

The easiest way to do this is to put a few coins in an empty soda can and close the lid. When your dog starts barking at a stranger, throw the jar in his direction and tell him, “be quiet!” at least, the sound of the jarring landing will keep the Maltese quiet. If you do this often, your dog may not start barking at strangers.
Since your dog is a very habitual animal, it’s much easier to take action on them before they find it interesting to growl. Prevention is the key to preventing them from acting so crazy when they meet strangers. Especially for postmen, milkmen, and other workers who don’t want to enter your home, dogs can be more friendly. Here are some ways to train your dog.

4. Block the sight of the Maltese

Contrary to the constant barking of dogs, most postmen and milkmen come and go silently, so the only way for dogs to know that they are coming in to see them walk to the door. So closing the door before you go to work, moving the bookshelf or furniture so that the dog can’t see out of the window may be enough to prevent the dog from growling.


5. Increase the self-confidence of the Maltese

The Maltese have the nature of protecting territory and their own property, but at the same time, they are social animals who love friends. You can teach them to make friends with postmen and milkmen. It is recommended that the owner stays at home with the dog for two days. When your dog finds the postman, ask him to sit and reward him. Most dogs are more interested in eating than barking at the postman or milkman. Once they are used to eating quietly when someone is close to the door, they turn a blind eye to the unexpected visitors even when they are really lonely.

6. Draw a clear line

One of the main reasons why postmen and milkmen are always in trouble is that many owners are reluctant to limit the protection desire of the Maltese. Usually, dogs can distinguish between ordinary visitors and threatening people. Your dog should not be wary of postmen and milkmen. The owner should give clear instructions when he barks at these people to help the dog become more discriminative. Remember, even if dogs learn to be silent when e-mails arrive, they can be good watchdogs because it doesn’t weaken their protective instincts. This will only make the dog smarter and smarter.