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How to train a Maltese dog?

How to train a Maltese dog? Many families have a very clever and sensible Maltese, but some dog owners also want to train Maltese clever, so it requires owners to carry out certain training for it. Next, let’s take a look at some knowledge points about the training of Maltese dogs.

The best training stage

We need to help the Maltese develop their daily behavior. When the dog has a cognitive awareness, the owner must give it a good habit of eating and defecating at a fixed time. When the dog is three months old, it is necessary to train the dog in other aspects.

Because when the dog grows to three months old, his personality is more cheerful and lively, and he has a strong curiosity for the outside world, and his learning ability is also relatively good. At this time, the owner can properly train the dog to follow and obey. In a new environment, a Maltese will bark restlessly, especially when the lights are off at night. At this time, as the host, you should prepare enough food and water, provide it with a warm and comfortable nest or cushion, and put the nest where it can see you at any time. If it is still crying, you turn on the light to comfort, comfort twice, it will be quiet after a few days.

In the process of training, rewards and penalties must be clearly defined

When the dog is in training, he will be very vague. When the dog does the right thing, the owner must reward the dog. Whether it is a snack reward or pacification, the reward must be implemented. When the dog does something wrong, the owner must punish him. The so-called punishment is to stop the dog’s wrong behavior in time, but no corporal punishment or beating and scolding is allowed.

Training precautions

In the process of dog training, the owner should not be too hasty, and should have a certain attitude, must adhere to 15 minutes a day or so, training twice a day, and learn to guide the dog well. Too much corporal punishment or too much reprimand will make the dog’s body and mind suffer from certain trauma, which is not good for growth and development.
In a word, parents need to be careful, patient, and loving in the process of training the Maltese dog. Only when these three things are possessed at the same time can the dog learn faster.

Bedtime training

First of all, make sure that Maltese has a chance to perform outside. When we train Maltese, we need to know to praise gently. I believe that the easiest and least stressful way to get a dog to sleep is in the dog pen. On the first night, just placate the puppy, but when crying or groaning say ‘no’. When we train Maltese, we need to know that if you sympathize with dogs at this stage, you will read that it is conniving and will make them continue to sob. If you promise to put the pen where you want the dog to sleep from the first day, it will eventually climb in and sleep.

Crate training

To some people, the dog cage seems to be cruel to the dog. However, if the expression is correct, the opposite is true. When we train Maltese, we need to know that it gives your Maltese dog a place of his own, a safe nest where he can go if he wants to be alone or rest. When we train Maltese, we need to know that it also gives you a place for your Maltese dog to travel in a safe way when you don’t want him to. If you keep your Maltese dog in the car, he’ll be closed. When we train Maltese, we need to know that it is extremely dangerous to leave your Maltese dog in a closed car or run freely in the back of a truck in warm weather. Also, if you should have a car accident, your dog is less likely to be thrown out of the car or run away in chaos. When we train Maltese, we need to know that motel rooms also like to pack dogs in crates. To train your Maltese in a crate, first choose a crate large enough for him to grow up. Puppies should be fed in cages and encouraged to sleep with the door open. Once he gets used to it, he may be shut for a short time. When we train Maltese, we need to know to avoid putting Maltese Puppies in crates for a long time. Never use crates as punishment. However, it should be close to the road and away from the place of family activities.

Maltese’s house training

You should take your dog home and start breaking in. Once a bad habit is allowed, it’s hard to get rid of it. Decide whether you want to train your puppy to go indoors, outdoors, or a combination of both before taking him home. When we train Maltese, we need to know that indoor training is the best, because you don’t have to worry about your dog getting wet, soiling or soiling his white coat if the weather is bad. Indoors, you can use paper trains, dog pad trains, and even garbage can trains. We need to know when we train Maltese, but when you take your dog home, prepare a litter pad or a dustbin so you don’t have to touch around. Maltese dogs are trained indoors, especially because of their small size and small bladder. When we train Maltese, we need to know that burglary can be very difficult, especially if it doesn’t start from birth, but it’s not impossible. The Maltese are very smart and can train them to go outside. We trained our three Maltese dogs at the same time, which is easier than training any other breed of dog we have. For indoor training, we will introduce you to choose a special place for your dog to do business in as soon as we arrive. When we are training Maltese, we should know that the game pen is a good resource! Place a lot of scented bedpan mats on the floor. Be sure to keep his bedpan away from the bed. When we train Maltese, we need to know and put the bedpan where he doesn’t have to go often. If you don’t use a toy fence and you have a carpet, it’s best to keep the dog in a room without a carpet when learning the routine.


Potty training for Maltese

Maltese Puppies have smaller bladders and need to urinate more than adult Maltese dogs. Generally, a Maltese dog needs to urinate after waking up, eating or drinking, and after play time, which may be equivalent to urinating once an hour, especially for very young Maltese dogs. When we train Maltese, we need to know that in the first few weeks of potty training, you need to be present to help your dog. After the dog goes to bed, after he has eaten, every time you see other people walking in circles, sniffing the carpet or floor, you need to take him to the designated potty area. When we are training Maltese, we should know that in the first few weeks, Maltese dog’s family training may occupy all your attention. Please remember that you are building good habits for your pet and helping your Maltese become a polite pet. You will soon learn where to use the bedpan and your life will be easier to devote to bedpan training in just a few weeks Practice process. We need to know when training Maltese that if you need to be at work or need to leave your Maltese dog and have not been fully trained at home for a few hours, put the dog diaper on your Maltese dog to save your home from any accident that will happen during this period. When we train Maltese, we should know to walk the dog before leaving, so that before putting on the dog diaper, the dog will have the opportunity to go to the toilet outside or take the dog to the indoor dog toilet. The dog diapers of Maltese dogs can be used by male and female dogs. When we train Maltese, we need to know that most Maltese dogs are very small. You need extra diapers for your Maltese dog. Some Maltese owners put dog diapers on Maltese dogs at night to prevent accidents on the floor.