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How to train a Maltese dog?

Many families have a very clever and sensible Maltese, but some dog owners also want to make them more sensible and clever, so it requires owners to carry out certain training for it. Next, let’s take a look at some knowledge points about the training of Maltese dogs.

1. The best training stage

We need to help the Maltese develop their daily behavior. When the dog has a cognitive awareness, the owner must give it a good habit of eating and defecating at a fixed time. When the dog is three months old, it is necessary to train the dog in other aspects.

Because when the dog grows to three months old, his personality is more cheerful and lively, and he has a strong curiosity for the outside world, and his learning ability is also relatively good. At this time, the owner can properly train the dog to follow and obey. In a new environment, a Maltese will bark restlessly, especially when the lights are off at night. At this time, as the host, you should prepare enough food and water, provide it with a warm and comfortable nest or cushion, and put the nest where it can see you at any time. If it is still crying, you turn on the light to comfort, comfort twice, it will be quiet after a few days.

2. In the process of training, rewards and penalties must be clearly defined

When the dog is in training, he will be very vague. When the dog does the right thing, the owner must reward the dog. Whether it is a snack reward or pacification, the reward must be implemented. When the dog does something wrong, the owner must punish him. The so-called punishment is to stop the dog’s wrong behavior in time, but no corporal punishment or beating and scolding is allowed.


3. Training precautions

In the process of dog training, the owner should not be too hasty, and should have a certain attitude, must adhere to 15 minutes a day or so, training twice a day, and learn to guide the dog well. Too much corporal punishment or too much reprimand will make the dog’s body and mind suffer from certain trauma, which is not good for growth and development.
In a word, parents need to be careful, patient, and loving in the process of training the Maltese dog. Only when these three things are possessed at the same time can the dog learn faster.