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How to train a Kuvasz?

Do you want to learn how to change your Kuvasz behavior? How to train a Kuvasz? Kuvasz was originally created to protect the royal family. Today this breed is used to protect sheep, and they are also used as family pets. Kuvasz is usually between 26 and 32 inches tall and weighs between 80 and 135 pounds. They have long white curly hair. This breed is inherently loyal and protective, and if properly trained and socialized, it’s good for children.


The origin of Kuvasz

Kuvasz originated in Tibet, China, but they developed into today’s varieties in Hungary. Kuvasz was kept as a pet by the rulers of Hungary and other European empires. They are favored by the royal family. Many years later, this breed became the worker of ordinary people, especially the shepherd, as the manager and protector of livestock. Kuvasz’s name comes from Turkish “kawasz”, which means the noble armed guard

Kuvasz’s looks and abilities

Kuvasz is a big dog, especially white and hairy. Males stand about 28-30 inches on the shoulders and weigh about 100-115 pounds; females stand about 26-28 inches and 70-90 pounds. This breed is muscular and agile. They have double layers of semi coarse hair. The first layer is soft and delicate. The surface coating is rough to protect the undercoat. Hair can be straight or wavy, but it has to be white.
Kuvasz is an excellent animal protection dog. It can act in a timely manner without the guidance of a master. It can work long hours in any terrain. It also has a sharp nose and can be a hunter in the wild.

Kuvasz’s temperament and tendency

Kuvasz tends to protect their families, but not possessiveness. They are quite quiet and docile. They were loyal, loyal, but didn’t show their feelings. They are quite conservative. Compared with other dogs, they mature very slowly. They are brave and fearless dogs, but they are polite and rarely aggressive even to strangers. They have a keen intelligence, which is quite intuitive. The Kuvasz is a strong-willed and endurance worker. They are also curious about their surroundings. Kuvasz will protect their families to the point of self-sacrifice. They think it’s their ultimate goal. Instinctively, they tend to be the most protective of their children. They are polite to strangers, but they are suspicious and discriminative when making new friends.


Training and nursing of Kuvasz

It’s important that we start training Kuvasz as soon as possible. Patience and consistency are the keys to training a Kuvasz. They are easy to rest at home, and with consistent regulation, they are easy to catch up with instructions in eliminating waste. Kuvaszhas a strong will. They need strong leadership to be consistent. If your family has kids, it’s best to get a Kuvasz puppy and let them grow up with your kids. Teach the children to be the leader so that the dog knows where it is in the pecking order. Kuvasz’s social life is essential. If they are widely integrated into society at an early stage of their lives, it will undermine their extremely protective character.
Kuvasz is hard when it comes to obedience training because they are independent thinking dogs. Their intelligence is quite instinctive and is often shown at work. As a grazing breed, Kuvasz needs a lot of outdoor activities. Kuvasz needs a lot of exercises every day. This kind of apartment is not suitable for living. They’re quite active indoors, at least in one compound. We don’t want to leave this dog alone in the backyard for a long time because it can be destructive.