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How to train a Japanese Chin?

How to train a Japanese Chin? Japanese Chine is also called Japanese Beagle. There is a little white in the corner of the eye, showing a look of surprise. Its gait is fashionable, lively, and light. The single coat is rich, straight, and silky, easy to stand out. The overall appearance is a kind of Oriental aristocracy. Japanese Chin is a loyal partner, like a warm circle, like a noisy game. It is sensitive, willing to please, inclined to shadow its master. It’s a friend of all.


If you have just adopted a new little Japanese Chin or a new adult Japanese Chinese, or you want your Japanese Chinese to go home in the next few weeks, the following training will help you learn all the common family training methods, and will help you choose the most suitable Japanese Chinese for you and your own lifestyle.

Why doesn’t my Japanese Chinese listen to me?

Do you use cookies, collars, headscarves, or clickers to make your Japanese Chin listen to you? Do you have to raise your voice every time you want your Japanese Chin to listen to you? Will your Japanese Chinese come at any time or at your command? If most of your answers are no, it’s time to seriously reconsider your role as a sincere Japanese Chin coach and an ideal pet parent.

How to make your Japanese Chin obey you?

Before you start any training, you have to establish yourself as the leader in your family. Your Japanese Chin must know that you are the leader and responsible for it. Here’s a simple do and don’t do list. If you want to be a leader, you should always go out or first and remember that you are a leader. You don’t give your Japanese Chinese anything until you have finished eating. When he is lying on the floor, don’t walk around your Japanese Chin. You don’t want your Japanese Chin to break the rules. Focus on him when you think it’s appropriate, not when he asks. Don’t let your Japanese Chin sleep with you in your bed. You need to define his sleeping area. In this way, you can start to train your Japanese Chin. It will be much easier for Japanese Chin to listen than you think. Remember, if your Japanese Chin doesn’t learn to obey you, all your training efforts will be in vain.


Let Japanese Chin have its own name

Does your Japanese Chin know his name? Will your Japanese Chinese look at you when you call his name? This is the first and most critical step of Japanese Chine training. If your Japanese Chinese doesn’t respond to his name, you can’t get him to focus on teaching him any other commands.
To make sure your Japanese Chin can recognize his name, you can hold an object in your hand and take it away from your body. Call you the Japanese Chin. He’ll probably look at what you have. Look at his name until he keeps looking at you. You should reward Japanese Chin immediately and then repeat this exercise. Once you are sure that your Japanese Chin has learned to recognize his name, you call his name and reward him for looking at you by touching or hugging him.