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How to train a Great Pyrenees to stay outside?

Fortunately, training your Great Pyrenees to stay in your yard is easier than many people realize. First, you need to take a series of steps to prevent them from leaving the yard. Then you need to introduce incentives to keep them in your yard. Training also needs to ensure that all their needs are met on the outside. If your Big Pyrenees is just a puppy, you should see results in a week or so.


But if they are old, stubborn, and have been running away all their life, then you may need a month or two. Do this exercise well and you can relax because your Big Pyrenees is always safe and secure outside in the yard. This also means that you will have a very effective police dog and anti-theft device. Before you start working, you need to master a few things. You need a long leash and some security fences. You’ll also need some toys, food puzzles and a decent food reserve. Or, you can cut their favorite food into small pieces. Try to set aside 10 minutes a day for training. Of course, you also need to frequent the courtyard where you want them to stay. In your mind, with patience and a can-do attitude, work can begin!

The first step, long belt

The first thing you need to do is stop your Big Pyrenees from getting out of the yard. So try tying them up with a long rope in the yard. This will eliminate the temptation to run away and get them used to stay put.

The second step blurs their vision

Your dog may want to run away because they can see many interesting and wonderful things outside the yard. This temptation can be eliminated by simply blocking their view with a fence or bush.

The third step: Outdoor shelter

Fido needs a safe and reliable place where they can sleep at night. An outdoor shelter can be bought and done, but it will give them a place to feel like themselves, where they can escape when the weather is bad.


Step four: Keep warning

When you see them trying to run away, react and say no. At the same time grab them by the collar and pull them back into the yard. You need to stop anyone from leaving the yard of interest.

Step 5 Avoid punishment

If your Great Pyrenees do escape from the yard, don’t punish them. You want them to associate being around you with positive consequences. Punishment may only encourage them to stay away.