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How to train a Corgi?

Corgi dog is one of the most popular dog breeds at present. In the whole process of feeding a Corgi dog, we all hope that the corgi dog is good and intelligent. If you want your dog to be excellent, you must train it. In fact, it is very simple to train a Corgi dog well. If you remember the following five points, you can do it! Let’s have a look.


1. Just started training in the room

At the beginning of the training, if the owner is outdoors, the Corgi dog will be attracted by other things and can’t be distracted, which will greatly harm the actual training effect. Therefore, in the beginning, it is better to carry out the training in the room. After the Corgi dog has grasped the basic command, the owner can carry out other training courses for higher-level talents or take the dog to outdoor training.

2. Dynamic password terms should be concise and clear

In the case of training, it is better for the owner to use such simple and clear words and sentences as “sit down”, “wait” or “set”, and then inform each member of the family about the dynamic password of the training, so as to ensure the consistency of the dynamic password used by the family members. The master training must be carried out under the condition that the Corgi dog is relatively good and relatively stable!

3. Appropriate condition reward

At the moment when the Corgi dog is in a specific position, the feeder will immediately reward the Corgi dog, and there is no need to delay the reward time for the Corgi dog. Otherwise, the Corgi dog will misunderstand the reason for the reward. The reward can only be given when the Corgi dog performs the posture prescribed by the owner. If the Corgi dog fails to perform as required, it is not necessary to give the reward to the Corgi dog because it is indecisive to start the attack of pretending to sprout, which will harm the actual training effect!

4. The training time is 15 minutes

Training is a whole process from simple to deep, which can not be accomplished overnight. Therefore, the owner should be careful and carry out training every day to make the Corgi dog get used to it gradually. The owner can train the dog 2 or 3 times a day, and the operation time is about 5 to 15 minutes.


5. Train sitting down

The owner stands at the opposite door of the Corgi dog, and then his right hand can hold some snacks. The owner should first let the dog see the snacks in his hand, and then you can hold the snack hand and shake it at the Corgi dog’s nose. Then the owner gradually moves to the top of the Corgi dog’s head. At this moment, the Corgi dog will be attracted by snacks and can’t help but lift his head. At this time, you can send out the dynamic command of “sit down” to the Corgi dog. At first, the Corgi will not know what the word means, but after a long time, he will sit down. When you wait for him to sit down, you will immediately give him a reward. If you train repeatedly, you can give him a reward!

Corgi dog feeding attention:

In addition to paying attention to the training level, we should also pay attention to the problem of diet matching in the whole process of feeding, because the corgi dog not only has strong hair loss but also has a very sensitive gastrointestinal tract. In the case of refeeding, the owner must pay attention to the selection of dinner. A portion of good dog food can improve the nutritional requirements of Corgi dogs and ensure their physical and mental health. Therefore, the owner in the selection of dog food, as far as possible to choose a taste of light low salt, containing probiotics powder dog food.