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How to train a boston terrier?

What are the common health problems of Boston Terrier? Boston Terriers are usually healthy, but they may have the following common health problems: eye health problems, dislocation of patella, allergic dermatitis, mites, respiratory system and other health problems.

Eye health problems


Boston Terriers are quite healthy varieties, but they are prone to some eye health problems, including cataracts, glaucoma and corneal ulcers.

Corneal ulcer

The Boston Terrier may be a genetic disease at any age, especially in young people with cataract. This Boston Terrier health problem is characterized by eye opacity, which can result in complete loss of vision. Glaucoma is an eye disease caused by hydrops. With the increase of the pressure in the eyes, the Boston Terrier health problem can cause great pain to the dog and affect the dog’s vision. It’s usually caused by a scratch or other eye injury – which is particularly common in Boston Terriers because their eyes are very prominent. In mild cases, this Boston Terrier health problem can heal itself through antibiotics and rest.

Boston terrier’s protruding eyes help accidentally capture particles in the environment, which can cause irritation to eye tissue. If untreated, irritation can lead to infection and corneal ulcer formation. With a commercially available eye mask, you can have your Boston Terrier strap protect its eyes to treat this Boston Terrier health problem.

Tear staining

In addition to paying attention to this Boston Terrier health problem, you should keep the dog’s eyes clean and dry. Clean the area around your dog’s face and eyes with a soft wet cloth. Make sure you squeeze out the extra water so you don’t get his face too wet. If your Boston Terrier has tears stained Boston Terrier health problems, you can buy pre medication wipes from your pet store, which will help treat bacterial or fungal staining. When bathing a dog, be careful not to wet his face, because soap and shampoo can cause irritation and cause this Boston Terrier health problem.


This Boston Terrier health problem is a degenerative disease, which may lead to blindness if not detected and treated in time. It’s an eye problem that is often experienced because of your dog’s age. The most common sign of this Boston Terrier health problem you can see is that there are spots in the eyes. These spots can appear white, blue or gray. Surgery refers to the removal of cataracts from the eyes. A serious health problem with the Boston Terrier is the cataract in adolescents, a genetic disease that can lead to complete blindness in dogs under one year old. When the Boston carrier is an aircraft carrier, they shouldn’t breed. Famous kennels usually have their Boston Terriers tested with Cerf to see if they don’t have juvenile cataracts.

Treatment plan

Many Boston infarction health treatments vary according to the current situation. Some conditions, such as cataracts and corneal ulcers, can be treated surgically. However, diseases such as glaucoma are progressive and can only be controlled by drug treatment and monitoring. Even if the dog does lose sight, the canines will adapt well to the loss of sight. If surgical measures are taken, the cost of treatment for this Boston Terrier health problem can be quite expensive. The annual veterinary eye exam costs as much as $175 for a standard exam.

Patellar dislocation

This Boston Terrier health problem only means a dislocated knee. The hind leg may stop limping when you stretch it regularly. This allows the patella to bounce back to its normal shape. This Boston Terrier health problem is usually genetic. If not treated, it may lead to cartilage damage and arthritis. This Boston infarction health problem is also one of the most common predisposing factors for ACL fracture. Depending on the severity of the condition, serious cases are most likely to be corrected by surgery and treated for a period of time to treat the Boston Terrier health problem.

Allergic dermatitis


This Boston Terrier health problem is one of the most common skin problems, and most owners must deal with it. Since this is an allergic condition, your dog needs to undergo an allergy test, which is carried out by a dermatologist to determine the possible cause or skin condition. If allergic dermatitis is associated with food problems, your Boston Terrier will be given a special diet and prescription anti allergic drugs. Your veterinarian may also prescribe medication and shampoo conditions to treat this Boston Terrier health problem. Buy a Boston Terrier.


Dogs with this Boston Terrier health problem usually have hair free skin patches. Mites are microorganisms, which can attack skin, itch and hair loss due to Boston Terrier health problems. Since these mites can easily be transferred from one dog to another, you should give your Boston Terrier to your veterinarian so that he can prescribe anti mite drugs to treat the Boston Terrier health problem.

Respiratory problems

The short mouth of the Boston Terrier is easy to cause the health problems of the Boston Terrier. Maybe you’ve observed your dog snoring, snoring, even nasal congestion. This is caused by an abnormality of the upper respiratory system, which can lead to partial obstruction or resistance of the nose and throat. This Boston Terrier health problem is often observed in short nosed dogs, where a large amount of soft tissue is covered with shortened bones on the face, which affects their breathing. These anatomical abnormalities and the resulting diseases are collectively referred to as short limb syndrome.