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How to train a Bichon Frise to urinate

A cute Bichon Frise can bring a lot of happiness to the owner. However, if the poop is not trained well, it will bring a lot of distress to the owner. Let’s take a look at how the owner should train the Bichon Frise.

1. Conditioning training

A conditioned reflex is very important, and the owners must master it. First of all, the owner should find the right defecation place for the dog when he brings the bear into the door. The owner can prepare two newspapers first. After the dog has finished his meal, he will usually defecate. At this time, the owner will take the dog to the newspaper place for defecation. After the dog defecates, only the first layer of newspaper can be taken away, and the second newspaper will have the smell of dog feces, The next time the dog defecates, the owner still takes the dog to the designated place and trains repeatedly. As long as we let the dog have the conditioned reflex, we can basically succeed.


2. You can’t hit the Bichon Frises

The dog will inevitably make mistakes, so if the owner finds that the Bichon Frises is defecating in other places, the owners must reprimand the dog on the spot, but the owner must be careful not to hit it. The dog will not be afraid of success, because it will not be too much for the dog. Feeding mainly in every dog when there is a mistake, severe reprimand, so as to make the dog think he did wrong. After doing this many times, the bear can learn this action successfully.


3. Correct praise

The owner should also pay attention to that if the dog defecates in the designated place, the owner must give the dog a reward, timely praise, and praise, which can make the dog do well. After all, the Bichon Frise is very smart. It can feel the emotions of its owner. As long as it does the right thing and the owner rewards him, he will perform better next time.