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How to tell if your Belgian Malinois has heatstroke?

Belgian Malinois need to be fenced in because you never know how a Belgian Malinois will react to strangers without a master. They are often used as police dogs, so they have a ferocious nature towards distrustful people, especially when the family is not around to comfort them. Understanding the symptoms and treatment of hypothermia and heat stroke is also good. Hopefully, with proper precautions, your dog will never have these serious medical problems, but things do happen, even if we have the best ability to prevent them.


How to tell if your Belgian Malinois is suffering from heatstroke

When the weather is really hot, the terrible heatstroke will hit. Lack of water is also a reason. That’s why shade and water are so important to the health of Belgian Malinois. The normal body temperature of Belgians should be between 101 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit. But when they get heatstroke, their body temperature rises a few degrees normally. It is very dangerous, if not treated for a long time, it may lead to permanent damage or even death. There is nothing to replace the effectiveness or advice of the medical profession, but here are a few signs to watch out for, your dog may be heatstroke.

Belgian Malinois have a fever:

Since the main way heatstroke affects the body is by raising body temperature, it is generally considered to be a definite sign of fire. It can be difficult to measure the body temperature of a Belgian Malinois, so you may not always know their temperature. The best way is to use an ear thermometer specially made for dogs to measure body temperature. If the temperature drops to close to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, your dog is in serious trouble and you need to move quickly.

Abnormally high wheezing and drooling:

If your Belgian Malinois is out of breath, like this, just ran a marathon, even if they lie down or almost drown in their saliva, then these can be signs of heatstroke. They cool by evaporating water from their mouths, so that means their bodies are working overtime trying to cool down. A good sign that they have some problems, such as heat stroke.


Belgian Malinois get lost:

If your Belgian Malinois behave like they’re drunk, even if you’re sure they’re not biting gin, that’s a bad sign. Crashes are more serious, and if your dog does, be very concerned and consider that the problem may be heatstroke.

Pale gums for Belgian Malinois:

Although it looks disgusting, you can do this by gently peeling off the upper lip of the Belgian Malinois and having a look at it. Their gums should be a healthy pink. But if they look pale, it’s another sign that they may be suffering from heatstroke.
If you think your Belgian Malinois has heatstroke, you should take them to a veterinarian. Although time is limited. So if you can’t get your dog enough medical care soon, what can you do to help your dog: you need to get your Belgian Malinois out of the heat. You need an air-conditioned room. Without this, everything would be hard. Drink some cold boiled water and put it on their mouth. Don’t force them to drink it. Just make it easy to drink. Take some ice and put it near the water. Don’t force it. Give them a choice. Take some warm water wet towels and put them on your Belgian Malinois.