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How to tell if the poodle is purebred?

The poodle is smart and likable. It is also one of the breeds that many people feed. How can we choose a purebred poodle when we choose a poodle? To distinguish whether the poodle is purebred, it is important to look at these five areas.

1. Look at the figure

Whether it is a large or small size poodle, if it is purebred, then their body shape is square. The shoulder height of the toy poodle is 24 ~ 28cm, the standard height of the mini poodle is 29 ~ 38cm, the standard height of poodle dog is 39cm, and the height of extremely expensive poodle dog is about 60cm. If the shoulder height exceeds this category, it is not considered a pure breed.

2. Foot drop

The running posture of purebred poodle is elegant. From the side view, the front legs and hind legs are harmonious with each other, the hind legs are strong and the back is maintained firmly. Moreover, the small tail of purebred poodle is very straight, and its position is high, so it should be tilted upward. Even after the tail is broken, it is also adequate for the overall balance. If the poodle’s tail is bent and low, it may not be the main manifestation.

3. Look at the curling level of hair

Hair is also one of the criteria for judging whether a poodle is purebred. The coat color of purebred poodle is abundant and curly. In particular, the hair on the inside of the ear is wavy. If the poodle’s hair is curly, it means the color is better.

4. Look at the lips

One of the most significant characteristics to identify a poodle is to look at its lips. The longer and sharper the lips are, the more authentic its blood system is. If it is short and round, it may not be purebred. When we usually feed the poodle, we still remember to give it some massive bones to help grind its teeth. Otherwise, it is very easy to have halitosis. We can also eat hard tooth grinding snacks, such as greedy non greasy chicken jerky, which can not only grind teeth and clean teeth, but also prevent tooth stones.

5. Look at the coat color

The most common coat colors of purebred poodles are dark brown, brown, dark gray, khaki, milky white, etc. However, no matter what color they are, their coat colors are all the same. If a poodle has a variety of fur colors or partial colors, it will not be a pure breed poodle.
Many people cultivate Poodle dogs with the same body shape as piglets. In fact, the dog is too fat, which is not good for the dog’s body. It is very easy to cause myocardial infarction, uremia, rheumatism, and other diseases. On the contrary, thin dogs will lead to lack of nutrition, hair removal, parasitic infection, etc.; moderate physical and mental health can make the dog live longer. The poodle’s ears will also produce hair and oil. Regular cleaning can maintain natural ventilation inside the ears and reduce the incidence of infection. If the owner of the dog’s ears to carry out regular clearance, such as the elimination of earwax, maintain dryness, and so on, it will be very easy to block without ventilation and lead to disease. Once a week to help poodle with ear oil to clear the earwax, about can maintain the ear inside the physical and mental health. The nose of a healthy poodle is moist and smooth. It feels cold when you touch it with your hand. If the nose is very dry impetuous, the periphery has purulent form cent must thing, or nasal mucous membrane hematoma, have the ulcerative area, the very big meeting is doggie ill. When the poodle dog has inflammation or gastrointestinal digestion is not good, it usually leads to a bad smell in the dog’s mouth, and unscientific food can also lead to a bad smell in the dog’s mouth, which is harmful to physical and mental health. Feeding mainly observes the dog’s diet and appetite. If you have poor digestion, you can feed small pet probiotics powder to promote gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, and enhance immunity! Canine distemper, Toxoplasma gondii, food materials easy to get inflamed, eye inflammation, etc., all lead to dogs often have red blood and tear marks in their eyes. If the pet owner has not attached great importance to it, it will harm the dog’s physical and mental health.
Therefore, we should vaccinate, do a good job in timely pest control, bath, etc., to ensure that the dog’s eyes are not punctured by hair and tears; diet should be light, can choose ingredients containing deep-sea fish oil, reduce tear marks, reduce eye red blood.