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How to take care of Siberian Husky during the tooth changing period?

Siberian Husky has entered the tooth exchange period from 4 months to 1 year old, this time we should pay attention to Husky’s dental care. The specific dental care methods and precautions for Husky teeth are as follows:

1. Characteristics of Husky’s teeth

Husky went from four months to her first year of Tooth replacement. At this time Husky will especially love to bite things because of changing teeth, such as Shoes, shoes, Sofa Wood, TV sound wooden frame, a floor is a good place for Husky puppy grinding teeth. The owner doesn’t have to yell at Husky, because it’s Husky’s natural reaction. If you’re worried about your dog biting your food, you can buy Husky a chew toy. One thing to watch out for at this point is not to let Husky get his teeth dirty, which can breed bacteria and cause diarrhea.


2. Make sure Husky gets regular dental check-ups

Husky’s oral health is at risk because some dog owners, for example, lack awareness of oral care, underestimate the importance of plaque control, and are reluctant to brush their dogs’ teeth, so we must brush Husky’s teeth regularly.
Husky dog teeth, tooth replacement process, to ensure that it has enough calcium intake, otherwise extremely easy to double row teeth. Give it some pet big instant calcium vitamins, add 3 easy to absorb calcium micronutrient, 12 kinds of vitamin, 8 kinds of vitamin promote calcium absorption, can very good add calcium. Parents should be able to keep an eye on the dog during tooth replacement, to see if it can replace all of its teeth properly, and if not, to help them through artificial strength in a timely manner.

In fact, the full seven months of Husky because permanent teeth have been fixed growth, it is necessary to pay attention to Husky’s teeth cleaning and maintenance. Otherwise, Husky is very prone to bad breath and a variety of oral diseases.
That’s why it’s important to give Husky regular dental check-ups. Regular visits are intended to keep veterinarians informed of the progress of preventive care for dogs. For those who develop plaque more quickly, or have a history of oral disease, Husky should be examined and cleaned more frequently.

If your veterinarian finds that your dog has an oral problem, he or she will recommend that you clean your dog’s teeth professionally to remove plaque, tartar, and calculus, husky had to have part of his necrotic gum tissue removed or teeth pulled out for treatment. Therefore, we strongly encourage dog owners to give Husky regular dental check-ups to prevent periodontal disease. This is what makes your Husky dog happier