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How to take care of pregnant bernese mountain dogs?

How to care for a pregnant Bernese mount dog? Pregnant Bernese mount dog is a large, strong, strong and agile dog. The pregnant Bernese mountain dog is tricolor with symmetrical markings of black, rust and white. When the Bernese mountain dog is pregnant, the feeders are very careful.


Food requirements of pregnant Bernese Mountain Dog

Once Bernese mountain dog is pregnant, pregnant Bernese mountain dog should feed a high-quality and balanced diet throughout the pregnancy, even though the nutritional needs of pregnant Bernese mountain dog only increase a little in the first half of pregnancy. As a guide, choose a highly digestible, very delicious commercial diet. It should be at least 29% protein and 17% fat. High levels of soluble carbohydrates and low fiber content are very important to ensure adequate energy intake of pregnant Bernese mountain dog and to avoid hypoglycemia in late pregnancy. Adequate intake of calcium (1% to 1.8%) and phosphorus (1.8% to 1.6%) is important for adequate milk production of pregnant Bernese mountain dog, so that the bone formation of puppies can be normal.

Don’t give dietary supplements to pregant Bernese mountain dog

Dietary supplements such as meat, milk, vitamins and minerals are generally not recommended if you are feeding a high-quality lactation diet. Excessive intake of calcium or vitamin D can lead to fetal soft tissue calcification, as well as other congenital defects. Although large amounts of calcium are required during lactation, calcium supplementation during pregnancy does not prevent lactation calcium deficiency (eclampsia), which may actually aggravate the problem. Supplementation with meat products can reduce the carbohydrate content in the diet and may be associated with hypoglycemia and stillbirth. If you are fed a high quality, balanced growth / lactation diet with pregnant Bernese mountain dog, the actual amount of food required by the female dog during the first 5 to 6 weeks of pregnancy does not need to increase significantly (up to 10%). This is because less than 30% of fetal growth occurs in the first few weeks. However, fetal growth increases rapidly in the last three to four weeks of pregnancy.
The food intake of pregnant Bernese mountain dog should be gradually increased by 15% to 25% at the time of birth, so as to ensure the full increase of body weight and nutritional reserve. Since many pregnant Bernese mountain dogs lose appetite due to abdominal distension in late pregnancy, more frequent meals help to maintain nutritional intake during this critical period. Pregnant Bernese mountain dog should eat at least twice a day. In fact, many breeders will be feeding their pups at a time of free choice. Buy a Bernese Mountain Dog.

How to feed pregant Bernese mountain dog?


The rule of thumb for feeding pregnant Bernese mountain dog is to give the dog 3-5 cups of high quality dry food every day, divided into two equal portions. It is important to balance the diet of pregant Bernese mountain dog and ensure stable growth. Because of their large size, these pregant Bernese mountain dogs will eat a lot. The problem is, they want food, but they don’t want to work to balance it. That is to say, if your pregant Bernese mountain dog is not active enough and you feed them a standard amount, you will gain weight. Think about it when you decide how much to feed the pregant Bernese mountain dog. They have to be taken into account, high quality food needs to be the standard; pregant Bernese mountain dog is not the healthiest variety, and often has short life expectancy, so the owner should do his best to ensure the health of pregant Bernese mountain dog and baby. It also means a balanced diet and daily exercise for pregnant Bernese mountain dog.