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How to take care of poodle during pregnancy?

In fact, to take care of the pregnant poodle, parents need to have a certain degree of patience and observation, because the dog at this time is more sensitive. So let’s take a look at some misunderstandings and practices in this regard.

1. Master the knowledge of pregnancy

If parents want to take good care of the pregnant poodle, they must first learn some of the physical symptoms of the dog during pregnancy, some of the problems that are easy to appear, and then the food that can be eaten, the food that can not be eaten, including how to adjust sports, etc.

2. Care during pregnancy

Dogs have early pregnancy, mid-term and late pregnancy, different periods of dog will have different performance, the early dog has no obvious change, the mid-term, the dog’s abdomen will have a bulging state, and particularly willing to eat children, late when particularly lazy, not willing to move, at this time parents must let the dog more exercise, so as not to appear in the production of difficulties Production.
In addition, parents should also pay special attention to some nutrition of pregnant dogs, add more milk products, or eggs, or meat, which can provide some high-quality protein and some other nutrients.

3. Pre-delivery care

When the poodle in the early stage of childbirth, parents must pay special attention to some behavior of the female dog, sometimes it will want to give birth without warning. Parents must remember that when a dog gives birth to the first child, some dark green or bloody liquid will appear in the lower body, which indicates that the inner membrane of the dog has been ruptured, and the baby will be born within half an hour. Parents must remember this aspect. Parents should not be in a hurry and don’t know what to do.