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How to take care of lhasa apso hair?

How to care Lhasa Apso hair? LApso in Lhasa has double hair. Lhasa Apso has a soft, short hair to keep out the cold, and a long, hard, heavy, straight and thick outer layer. The medium thick primer of Lhasa Apso is a very reliable insulating material, which falls off in summer, making way for the growth induced by the thin substrate of Lhasa Apso. The outer hair of Lhasa Apso is very rough, which can be used as waterproof hair of Lhasa Apso.


The function of Lhasa Apso hair

Lhasa Apso dogs may not grow much hair in warm climate compared with those raised in cold climate. Although Lhasa Apso has double hair, the outer hair of Lhasa Apso does not lose, only the inner hair of Lhasa Apso. Because Lhasa Apso’s hair is very soft and light, there is a tendency for Lhasa Apso’s hair to spread in the air for a long time, which will lead to breathing problems for people allergic to Lhasa Apso’s hair. In fact, Lhasa Apso originated in an area of the Himalayas, where there is freezing weather, which is one of the main reasons Lhasa Apso has double hair. Lhasa Apso with double hair can protect it from adverse cold climate. The inner hair of Lhasa Apso not only plays a role in keeping out the cold, but also makes the outer hair of Lhasa Apso look flat and smooth, enhancing the overall aesthetic feeling of Lhasa Apso.

What is the standard of Lhasa Apso’s hair?

The ideal standard hair for lApso in Lhasa should be thick, thick and of good length. The hair on Lhasa Apso’s skull should be healthy and fall on both sides of the head. Only Lhasa Apso body hair should not fall to the ground, legs need to cover the toes. Make sure Lhasa People’s hair is straight and avoid curls. Buy a Lhasa Apso.
Lhasa Apso’s thick, thick and straight hair protects and insulates it from different weather conditions. As a way of wind protection, Lhasa Apso’s hair to a certain extent is desirable and beneficial to dogs. Lhasa Apso is ideal for thick, straight double-layer hair leaving the topcoat open, so Lhasa Apso hair shedding will naturally remove the shedding hair.

What happens in the process of hair discoloration of lApso in Lhasa?


The change of Lhasa’s hair is an inevitable thing in their life, so Lhasa owners need to be prepared for what will happen in this period of time. Lhasa Apso hair change time is not fixed, but between 9 months to 14 months old, although in some cases, Lhasa Apso puppies can start hair change at about 6 months, or can be delayed to about 16 months. The change of Lhasa Apso’s hair is a wonderful experience. What the owners of Lhasa Apso are afraid of is the mat and dressing difficulties in this period. In the hair changing process of Lhasa Apso, the soft hair of Lhasa Apso dog is replaced by the coarser hair of adult dog. When the coarser hair of adult Lhasa Apso comes out, the soft hair of the dog dies. At this time, the fur needs to be washed properly. If there is no tangle and bedding, it will happen. During this period, you should comb the Lhasa Apso dog every day to remove the dead soft Lhasa Apso hair.