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How to take care of Komondor hair?

How to care Komondor hair? Despite being as energetic and playful as Komondor, Komondor matured into a serious, dignified and independent adult at the age of two or three. We need to take good care of Komondor’s hair, because Komondor’s hair is very personalized.


Komondor’s hair makes him unfit to live in an apartment

Although Komondor is quiet indoors, it is obviously not suitable for an apartment. The ideal environment for Komondor is a large house with a spacious, fenced courtyard in a country without a close neighbor. Because Komondor has a kind of deep, impressive hair. Komondor tends to be free to use, especially at night, when they are most focused. Selfless devotion to family, distrust of strangers, and some Komondor are not completely satisfied with anyone else. Komondor’s hair needs our attention. In fact, most Komondors have to introduce them to the guests carefully and then supervise them when they are at home. Although Komondor has a strong body and thick fur, he is very agile and quick to respond. Komondor’s hair has a lot of personality. Early and sustained socialization is necessary if Komondor’s territorial instinct is to maintain control, not to kill indiscriminately.

How to take care of Komondor’s hair?

If you want your Komondor to look like a dog book or a picture on TV, you have to spend a lot of time and energy on Komondor’s hair care. The fine hairs of Komondor’s outer coat tend to fuse with his inner coat to form felts. If you want to maintain this look, you should separate the power cord every few weeks, which helps a lot to take care of Komondor’s hair. It takes Komondor an hour to take a bath because the rope has to be washed thoroughly. It takes at least 24 hours to dry with the help of dryer and box fan. Your second option is to brush off Komondor’s hair when they start to form. This produces a natural “fluffy” look that just requires a lot of regular brushing and carding. Regular brushing and combing can greatly promote the care of Komondor’s hair.

Komondor’s hair care points

Before I take care of Komondor’s hair, I’d like to take this opportunity to make some points. Komondor’s hair never needs to be combed, because it will make it impossible to form the ropes needed for curly hair. Komondor is not a smelly dog. Like any other breed of dog, the care and maintenance of Komondor’s hair will prevent any smell. It may take up to two years for the overcoat to begin to represent the real rope, most Komondor will have a fuzzy appearance in the first few years, and Komondor’s hair needs to be carefully combed. Face hair should not be shaved, and Komondor’s hair should not and should not irritate their eyes.

Take care of Komondor’s hair regularly


Komondor’s hair is never brushed or combed, as this will make it impossible to form the ropes needed for curly hair. Komondor’s fur is not difficult to preserve as long as it is taken care of regularly. I’d like to refute the rumor that Komondor’s coat will not smell, because the well preserved coat will not smell. The rope is formed by gently pulling the hair onto the skin, and I’ve been doing this exercise with only my hands. It’s up to you to take care of the length of Komondor’s hair. When choosing the length of a Komondor’s hair, remember that they tend to shrink as more dogs get older, so don’t let them be too thin at the beginning, otherwise Komondor’s hair will fall out. Especially in a young dog, it’s better to have them thick, because you can always split further as Komondor grows. The rope is the thickest along the back line, and the claws, whiskers and head are the thinnest. Some people choose to shave off their Komondor’s hair to prevent the beard from getting dirty and to be able to see their eyes. The hair on a Komondor’s shaved face cannot be displayed in the conformation. When I had Komondor, I never had a Komondor’s hair showing any signs of discomfort. Their hair irritated their eyes or irritated them. When I was young, my hair began to darken quickly. I tied my hair to Komondor’s eyes for a few hours in the daytime, but some people didn’t appreciate it and often scratched and rolled until they got to sleep Let’s untie the headband. Buy a Komondor.
The most difficult part in the process of taking care of Komondor’s hair braiding is the ears and tail. The skin of Komondor’s ears is often very thin. If you pull hard or if Komondor twitches, it’s easy to tear. I strongly recommend that you be careful when handling their hair in sensitive places. The hair on Komondor’s tail may be difficult to separate, I always work very slowly, because this is an area, if the hair comes out, you tear it will not soon or at all, often leaving a bald patch, because Komondor’s hair grows. Don’t stress that if the tail becomes slightly padded for a while, as long as Komondor doesn’t show any discomfort in taking care of Komondor’s hair, because I’d rather it become bald than it, especially in young dogs. Then, I gently started tearing the base of the Komondor rope from the top and successfully did it with a dog over a year old. This is something we need to pay attention to when taking care of Komondor’s hair.