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How to take care of fat springer spaniel?

How to care fat Springer Spaniel? It is a serious disease that may cause or worsen fat Springer Spaniel’s joint problems, metabolic and digestive disorders, back pain, and heart disease. Although it’s tempting to give food to fat Springer Spaniel when she looks at you affectionately, you can “love her to death” with leftovers and dog food. Instead, you can give fat Springer Spaniel a hug, brush her hair or teeth, play games with her, or take her for a walk. Fat Springer Spaniel will feel better, and so will you!


How to train fat Springer Spaniel?

Springer Spaniel got its name for the way it “bounced” to flush the water for hunters in the game. For a long time, it has been the favorite of athletes, but this lively and beautiful dog will also be an excellent family mate if it has received the necessary training and exercise. Fat Springer spaniel is smart and eager to be liked, let alone enthusiastic. They are happy dogs and seem to have a good sense of humor. If they grow up with their children and are passionate about their family, they usually get along well with their children. Fat Springer Spaniel can usually deal with other pets in the family, even small pets, but they may use pet birds as prey because they are raised to hunt.

Exercise needs of fat Springer Spaniel

Because they are hunting dogs, fat Springer Spaniel needs a lot of exercise, but they should be tied to places without fences, otherwise they may decide to hunt on their own. Because they are such excellent athletes, many non hunting owners participate in activities such as obedience, agility, flying ball, tracking with their fat Springer spaniel. They are also good therapeutic dogs, bringing smiles to people in hospitals and sanatoriums. If strangers come to your house, fat Springer Spaniel barks, but if you’re looking for a watchdog, keep looking. They are lovely, gentle dogs, and even want strangers to pay attention to them.

Fat Springer Spaniel needs your company

Because of the amorous nature of fat Springer Spaniel, they are not dogs of one person. They are very people-oriented and should not stay at home alone or be isolated from others for a long time. Fat Springer spaniel is a medium-sized dog with a typical Springer with a mild expression and drooping ears. Their compact bodies are decorated with feathers by a dense, medium length fur, with a longer hair edge, on the ears, chest, legs and abdomen. The swaying of the stern can only be described as happiness. They are a little taller than them. This is because when the dog’s body is too long, it is easy to fatigue – which is very unpopular for a hard-working sports dog! Buy an English Springer Spaniel.
These are basic, but if you put two English Springers together, they may look very different. This is because in many sports (hunting) breeds, some dogs are raised to work in the wild, while others are mainly for performance. In the end, they became two completely different types, which is the case with the Springer Spaniel in England. The gene banks of wild dogs and performance dogs have been almost completely separated for 70 years. Field Springer Spaniels are athletes, they look like a character. They usually have short fur, a sharp nose and short ears. Field parachutists are trained for hunting ability, sense of smell and training ability.

Obedience training of fat Springer Spaniel


Catapults, usually from work lines, are widely used in the service of human beings, and their efforts are not limited to shooting ranges. They are popular anti drug dogs with their amazing sense of smell, enthusiasm and trainability making them great teammates for customs and border patrol. Their intense pursuit makes it easy to train them to use ball games as rewards. A common problem for pet owners is that it can be an extra reward for owners who are interested in creating a working partner. Springer thrives with active intensive training, and we recommend that you learn all these methods before taking your puppy home. We have a set of guidelines to help. Fat Springer spaniel is good at using their lively brain and body for activities. Dogs from the work line enjoy agility and flying balls, and fat Springer Spaniel hopes to get your training, which will help fat Springer Spaniel lose weight. This special training helps to control all impulses and instincts, otherwise it may lead your lovely Spaniel astray. Fat Springer Spaniel can also be trained with gun dogs, or used for other sports activities, but may not be involved in its speed and enthusiasm work.