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How to take care of Corgi in estrus?

Generally speaking, Corgi oestrus once in spring and autumn every year. However, due to different living environments and different diet matching methods, some of them may have frequent oestrus due to being raised too well. However, the key is to concentrate on the two seasons of autumn and spring. The oestrus period takes 6 months as a cycle time, and each estrus will last about one month. During this period, Corgi’s mental state is more irritable and its personal behavior is abnormal. The pet owner must adopt the following countermeasures to help Corgi pass through the estrus successfully.


1、 Pay attention to food matching

Corgi is very easy to suffer from anorexia during oestrus, and his body is thinner than before. This requires the owner to prepare some nutritious and appetizer food in advance to feed Corgi, so as to help Corgi increase his resistance and improve his physique. Can add some high protein food ingredients in dog food, such as beef and mutton, salmon, egg yolk, etc., if Corgi has no appetite, why not prepare some snacks or canned fruits in advance? Yogurt is OK. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that it is not necessary to feed heavy taste, spicy food, and greasy food to prevent severe constipation.

2、 Reduce going out

Corgi is very easy to be attracted by heterosexual friends in estrus. He is very male. Once he sniffs out the smell metabolized by its opposite-sex friend, he tries his best to escape from the door and get rid of the dog rope to find the female dog. In order to avoid Corgi’s loss, it is suggested that pet owners should try their best to avoid taking Corgi out. If they have to go out, they need to pay more attention and hurry up with dog rope. Don’t let Corgi run around.


3、 Prepare physiological pants

If the owner keeps a mother, it will be more inconvenient to care for the patient than the male. Corgi will have a period during oestrus, which is not only very easy to dirty the home but also very vulnerable to the infection of pathogens after the cervix opening. As a result, pet owners must prepare a pair of physiological pants for the puppies in advance, so as to avoid them licking the dirt and prevent blood from dripping all over the house. In addition, small pet owners also need to help Corgi clear the vulva every day, keep clean and dry, and prevent feeling seven.

4、 Feeding

Corgi will continue to appear in the oestrus period disorderly stool pull urine, like to howl, love rubbing goods personal behavior. If the host can’t bear this abnormal personal behavior, he can feed him something he likes to eat to ease his mind and maintain all normal physiological functions. Here is a hint that if you want to sterilize Corgi, you must not sterilize the dog during the estrus period. This is very easy to cause the risk of internal bleeding. The main reason is to sterilize the dog after the estrus.