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How to take care of Borzoi short hair?

How to care for Borzoi short hair? You can read this article to learn how to take care of Borzoi’s short hair. If you are a novice, you need to know more about the steps of combing your Borzoi’s short hair to keep your Borzoi in good condition.


Does short hair Borzoi lose hair?

Yes, short hair Borzoi is a very heavy molting animal. Short hair Borzoi needs to brush his teeth with a needle brush every week, because the wire brush will damage the fur of short hair Borzoi. Short hair Borzoi is a seasonal hair loss species, so you usually need to brush it extra.

What is the depilation frequency of short hair Borzoi?

The molting season of short hair Borzoi only occurs once a year, but once it appears, it will last for several weeks. Therefore, if you think you don’t have the patience to cultivate high maintenance short hair Borzoi, then short hair Borzoi may not be your right choice. In addition, because short hair Borzoi is a very heavy hair loss breed, short hair Borzoi is not what you call a “hypoallergenic” dog. Although no short hair Borzoi is allergic, a good rule of thumb is that the more molting a dog is, the more likely you are to be allergic when you are in front of short hair Borzoi. Therefore, if you sneeze and itch easily when you are with short hair Borzoi, short hair Borzoi is not a good choice.
You just need to bathe your short hair Borzoi when you need it. For example, the coat of short hair Borzoi is obviously dirty, or short hair Borzoi has the smell of “dirty dog”.

How to take care of your short hair Borzoi?

Is short hair Borzoi worth your liking? of course! Short hair Borzoi has personality, you love her! Short hair Borzoi is a big dog who likes daily exercise, but she also likes to spend a relaxed afternoon with her family. You need to brush the beautiful coat of short hair Borzoi! Borzoi is a member of the Borzoi family from Russia and is used to catch wolves, foxes and rabbits. Short hair Borzoi will nail the prey until the cavalry arrives. Short hair Borzoi is generally healthy. The average life span of short hair Borzoi is 9-13 years old. Buy a Borzoi.

Maintenance of short hair Borzoi


The maintenance of short hair Borzoi varieties is very important. You need to brush short hair Borzoi with a bristle brush every day. Short hair Borzoi’s teeth should be brushed several times a week to prevent tartar build-up. You should also trim short hair Borzoi’s nails every month and clean short hair Borzoi’s ears every week. Short hair Borzoi’s dog is not a high maintenance dog. It’s important to clean and take care of your beauty, just like a cat. It is important to provide an appropriate high quality diet that is specifically developed for large dog breeds. Because short hair Borzoi is easily swollen, it’s better to feed them a few small meals a day rather than a big meal. Short hair Borzoi needs regular exercise and likes long walks. If Borzoi can exercise well, short hair Borzoi can adapt to apartment life well. Due to short hair Borzoi’s high prey drive, he should not walk without a belt. Short hair Borzoi likes to live in the cold winter. Short hair Borzoi is sensitive to some drugs, especially anesthetics, due to its low body fat. This medicine must not be used on short hair Borzoi.