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How to take care of bernese mountain dog coat?

How to care for Bernese mountain dog coat? All large and giant Bernese mountain dog coats need the care of the owner. To take care of Bernese mountain dog’s coat, we should first pay attention to Bernese mountain dog’s diet. Benefit from the special diet, promote the growth of Bernese mountain dog’s coat, in order to reduce the loss of Bernese mountain dog’s coat. The growth of a Bernese mountain dog is related to many factors.


Is Bernese mountain dog’s coat easy to fall off?

The coat of Bernese mountain dog is silky and smooth, which can drain water naturally and resist soil and mud. Bathing too often can lead to dry skin, so you should try to give Bernese Mountain Dog less bath, usually not more than once a month. This can protect the fur of Bernese mountain dog. You should always brush your coat for Bernese mountain dog. You should comb Bernese mountain dog’s coat regularly to remove as much loose fur as possible. Bernese mountain dog will lose a lot of hair, so daily brushing will reduce the time you need to clean after it. The needle brush can remove the loose coat on the surface of Bernese mountain dog. The smooth brush can remove the downy coat of Bernese mountain dog. If he grows a mat or tangle, you may need to use a mat rake with sharp teeth to cut the tangle on the dense Bernese mountain dog coat.

How to take care of Bernese mountain dog’s coat?

The health status of Bernese mountain dog’s coat is related to the diet of Bernese mountain dog. In addition, it is important that you keep Bernese mountain dog’s coat healthy at all times to avoid damage to the skin inside the Bernese mountain dog’s coat. Whether it’s a puppy or an adult Bernese mountain dog, you should provide a healthy diet for Bernese mountain dog at the scheduled time to ensure the healthy growth of Bernese mountain dog. Filling the bowl at any time will lead to overweight, which will not only lead to hip dysplasia, but also lead to other health problems, which in turn will have a bad impact on the fur of Bernese mountain dog. Your Bernese mountain dog should eat dog food made from high quality ingredients. Monitoring diet and exercise is an important part of care because Bernese mountain dog can eat a lot. Going to your veterinarian can help you decide how often and how often to feed your dog. Buy a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Coat maintenance of Bernese Mountain Dog


As a dog with a long coat, Bernese mountain dog’s coat really needs frequent brushing. They fall off all year round, of course, seasonally. If you brush your Bernese mountain dog’s coat several times a week, it will be bright and clean, so there won’t be much problem. That’s good because you don’t have to bathe Bernese mountain dog often to protect Bernese mountain dog’s coat. Unless, of course, they’re particularly dirty. Otherwise, four to five times a year is enough. The best tool for combing your Berne is a stainless steel needle brush, a smooth brush, and a stainless steel comb with fine teeth. Besides brushing regularly, it’s very important to keep your Bernese Mountain Dog manicured and ears clean. These gentle giants are prone to dental problems, so it’s important to keep your teeth clean with toys and toothpicks or regular brushing. Another major problem that Bernese mountain dog may encounter is obesity. Because of this, it’s crucial that you don’t overfeed your dogs, no matter how big they may get. You should always pay attention to food suggestions, which is conducive to the healthy growth of Bernese mountain dog’s coat.