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How To Take Care Of A Pregnant Dog?

Do you know how to take care of a pregnant dog? There is so much stuff you need to be careful.  Let me tell you.

1. The method to judge pregnancy

The first signs of pregnancy appear about a week after mating. The specific manifestations are as follows: the perineum of the pregnant female dog will shrink rapidly and may appear vomiting, anorexia, and other pregnancy reactions when she is three or four weeks pregnant. At 30 days, the pregnant dog mammary gland protrudes, the breast is swollen, the nipple is peach-red. In the fourth week after mating, the pregnant dog can feel the embryo the size of an egg by touching the position of her abdominal uterus. In addition, after mating. When 30 days, you can ask the vet to take blood sample examination or the method such as diagnose with ultrasonic early diagnosis.

Nutrition during gestation plays a decisive role in the health of the dog. Pregnant dogs should be fed with the food of higher nutritional value to increase the content of protein, heat energy, calcium, and phosphorus in the diet. Gestation dog in the early (about 35 days), can be raised according to the original feeding method, in 35-42 days, 42-49 days, 49-60 days, feed should be increased on the basis of the original 10%, 20% and 30%. Especially in the late period, you should pay attention to increase some food that is easy to digest. At 35-45 days of gestation, 3 times of feeding should be given every time, 44-60 days, 4 times a day.

During pregnancy, the action of the dog often becomes slow, lazy. The dog owner must give her appropriate outdoor activities and let her dog exposed to sunshine, and absolutely prohibited to let the mother run fast, jump, run up and down the stairs and other dogs fight.

2. The dog pregnancy diet care

Dogs do not need special supplements during pregnancy other than a normal diet of dog food. But the content of the feed needs to be changed for the puppy’s special feed. The puppy feed contains more protein, more calories, and calcium, enough for the mother to keep herself alive and for her baby to grow. When the dog is pregnant as long as the diet is normal, the appetite is very good. From the animal veterinarian’s professional point of view, given a good brand of puppy feed, do not need to give the dog eat too many supplements. Unless you are a picky and supportive cannery mother, you may need additional calcium because the cannery contains only 1/15 of the calcium in the dry feed, which can lead to low blood calcium levels in the mother.

Because in the first 20 days can not see whether the dog is pregnant, so the amount of food given to the dog does not need to increase, just as usual. 4. Dog mother 20 days of early pregnancy care

Because the fertilized egg is just implanted in the uterine wall, if the implantation is not stable enough, the mother of the dog is frightened or runs wildly, it is very easy to abort.

The first 20 days after pregnancy, do not let the dog mother too restless. After matching the seed two weeks,do not help it take a bath, because a bath will cause a shock smooth muscle contraction, resulting in abortion.

3. 20 days of feeding for the dog mother during pregnancy

It has been confirmed that the dog mother is pregnant, so can add more to the dog, more than usual 20-25%, or even more. In addition to the general feed, you can also prepare some calcium supplements, multivitamins, and high nutrition. Since the nutrients that a dog’s mother absorbs have to be shared with her baby, eating too much during her second trimester won’t make her too fat.

4. Care for dog mothers for 20 days after pregnancy

At this time, the mother dog’s belly droops, the body becomes wide. The mother does not want to move, just want to rest until the last 5-6 days. She began to look for a place to give birth. She chooses a quiet, dark place where she feels safer with fewer people walking around. We can also begin to help her prepare the proper delivery room.

5. The dog mother pregnant the last 20 days of feeding

During the last 20 days of pregnancy, the mother again returned to her normal diet, because if she continued to feed her dog unrestrained for the last 20 days, it would make her too fat and possibly affect her production. At this time as long as the calcium, as well as multivitamins, are enough to keep the dog mother a certain weight until birth. You can also divide the food intake of three meals into four or five meals so that the mother can eat a small number of meals which is digestible so that you can also get fixed nutrients.

Do you get any useful information from this article about how to take care of a pregnant dog? We hope it is helpful for you.