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How to style Schnauzer?

How to style Schnauzer? Schnauzer is a dog that needs to be groomed, and some owners, in order to highlight their dog’s personality, will help their dogs at home to do some cool styles, but you mainly know, if Schnauzer groomed at home to do the style, what do I need to be aware of?


1. Don’t shave the Schnauzer completely

Don’t think of shaving the Schnauzer all at once. There’s no turning back. Especially when the owner wants to give Schnauzer some very unique style, the owner needs to be patient pruning, to avoid not only do not make the effect but also make the dog ugly. Of course, if you’re just going to shave off a piece of skin, you can shave it off with a straight razor, but before you do that, plan out where you’re going to shave.

2. Create a look based on Schnauzer’s personal characteristics and personality

Just as everyone has a style that suits them, so does a dog. A dog can look beautiful, even an ugly duckling can turn into a White Swan. In addition, the owner can also according to the dog’s personality characteristics to do modeling, for example, the character of the dog will be dressed up as a gentleman so that the dog will look very handsome.

3. Placate Schnauzer

Schnauzer may be more active, so if you’re not sure you can keep your dog in line, it’s probably best not to trim your dog’s hair, because these hair-fixing gadgets can become a weapon of opportunity in a dog’s struggle. In particular, when the dog in the shape of the show when the mood of boredom, the owner should be pacified. Of course, for rebellious dogs, the owner can let the dog rest for a while and then trim down.


4. Pony shape for the Schnauzer

The owner can make a cute pony shape for Schnauzer: the owner can start from the most insensitive back of Schnauzer, comb the hair on his back with a row comb, trim the hair along the back with electric push scissors, and pay attention to keep about 2cm of hair. It can be stopped when the owner cuts to the legs and abdomen of Schnauzer, and a mane shape should be left in the middle of the section near the neck. Then, the owner uses electric scissors and comb to shave the hair from the top of the eyebrow to the top of the head, and the hair on both sides is to shave hair from the corner of the eye to the root of the ear. In this way, the coat from the top of the head to the front spine should be kept, just like the hair on the back left on the neck, used as a horse mane. Schnauzer’s eyebrows can’t be cut short. They need to be natural. They should be trimmed at a 45 ° angle with scissors so that the eyebrows on both sides are in a “V” shape, and the hair under the eyes should not be cut short. Schnauzer’s beard can’t be cut short, just cut it with scissors. In this way, Schnauzer’s pony shape is finished.