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How to stop my Great Dane from barking?

The Great Dane is a big dog that barks very loud, but if you have a history of the Great Danes or how dogs use barking to communicate, it can be tricky to stop barking when you want them. How do you stop your Great Dane from barking? Here are some ways to stop your dog from barking. Let’s have a look.


Objective to understand the causes of excessive barking of Great Dane

It’s easier to solve the problem of barking at any period of age. The best way to avoid a big Dane that barks too much is to work with dogs often, that is when they were puppies, many times a day. Training a dog not only ensures that it can understand the basic instructions of human beings but also exposes it to a variety of sensory stimuli to desensitize it and prevent future phobia due to unfamiliar environments or objects. Training also helps to eliminate excess energy, which may manifest as excessive barking during adolescence. The best way to prevent a dog from barking is to have a thoroughly social activity with the dog from the first vaccination, because it enhances the natural social ability and friendliness of the dog, and also prevents the dog from becoming bored and lonely. The Great Danes are already a friendly breed, and when they have a lot of social interaction, they really become gentle giants. Different strategies must be used for old dogs that have already had barking problems. Contrary to intuition, one of the best ways to teach a dog to be quiet is to teach him to “talk” commands. Once you teach the dog the concept of “speaking,” it’s easier to teach the dog to “be quiet”.

How to teach the Great Dane to express and be quiet?

Here’s how to teach your Great Dane to “talk” and “be quiet” (Note: in this exercise, you need a training remote control and a packet of snacks): you wait until the big Dane is already barking excitedly, say “speak”, press the remote control, and then give the dog a meal. Say “speak” again when you get the dog’s attention. When the dog barks, click on the remote control and give it food while praising it. You can repeat this process until the dog starts barking and seems to understand that the word “speak” is directly related to barking behavior. It may take several attempts, depending on how quickly your dog catches up. Once the dog understands the word, repeat the process, but reward silence with food. After being ordered to be quiet, the silence time needed to obtain treatment was gradually increased, which was similar to gradually extending the time of “stay” command.


Training Great Dane is basically teaching them basic concepts in human language

As a small Great Dane, we’d better teach a big Dane several basic instructions (sit, come, live, go down, follow). This is not only because it has taught the dog some useful skills, but also because it has taught the dog to listen to you generally and respect you more.