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How to Stop Chihuahua Barking?

It’s hard to imagine such a loud noise coming from such a small body and lasting for so long that sometimes we have to admire the Chihuahua’s lung capacity. In addition to teasing, we should pay attention to the Chihuahua is particularly sensitive, as long as the slightest disturbance, it likes to bark loudly, and in this case, it often brings some trouble to the owner, in view of this situation, we can learn the following methods to get rid of its barking.


1. Find out why Chihuahuas scream

In fact, Chihuahua chaos for a variety of reasons, sometimes out of their own vigilance; sometimes they want to go out for a walk, some urged the master; some is out of an individual fear; In this case, we must not blindly go to Chihuahua reprimand, find the reasons, take appropriate measures, can effectively correct Chihuahua bad habits.

2. Be Specific

If a parent’s dog is barking at a stranger, the owner can use the help of the stranger to make the Chihuahua realize that the stranger is not a dangerous person. The idea is that the owner will pet the Chihuahua to keep it quiet and then ask the guest to give him a treat so that the dog will stop barking. Some chihuahuas are especially sensitive to the sound of the phone, and sometimes when the bell rings, they become very angry and start screaming. At this time the owner must gently pat its body to keep it calm, but also to feed it to eat, very useful if the dog is still barking, you must be severely reprimanded, if it stops barking, you can reward him appropriately. If the Chihuahua is barking while out, the owner can properly raise the leash and correct it, which is also a warning.


3. Praise in time

When the Chihuahua stops barking at the owner’s command, you can praise him for being good, very good, very useful, and highly recommended. When the Chihuahua does not stop barking, the owner must reprimand him severely to let him know that his barking makes you very dissatisfied. At the same time, the owner can pull the leash up to give the Chihuahua a stern warning, and then the owner can raise the Chihuahua’s Chin and tell it not to bark. Of course, when the Chihuahua stops barking, the owner should praise the Chihuahua properly and give him a proper reward. Praise your dog if he stops barking after a reprimand. If he does, give him a reward. The owner’s praise and reward are very useful to the Chihuahua no matter what kind of stimulation the Chihuahua is receiving, whether it is happy or lonely or scared. Chihuahua chaos may still want to attract the attention of the master, when the Chihuahua constantly chaos, the master can not arbitrarily hit Chihuahua. But should give the understanding and tolerance, first of all, analysis of the reasons for the Chihuahua Bark and its bark to express the inner thoughts, and then take concrete measures to correct Chihuahua behavior.