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How to stop Belgian Malinois from jumping?

The jumping behavior of Belgian Malinois begins with the puppy’s hood when he tries to attract as much attention as possible. Malinois’ puppies are so cute that it’s hard to respond to jumps without touching them. But it’s not a good idea at all. The Belgian Malinova will learn to do so and he will get attention and the jump will continue as long as it is tolerated. However, one day, you will feel too much dancing, so it is important to control it now. You may be surprised to see your Belgian Malinois. This is unfair to a Belgian Malinova because he observes the owner’s reaction to understand what is right or wrong. That’s why it’s important to teach your dog not to jump off the head of an early Belgian Malinois.

Of course, the best way to prevent your Belgian Malinoisir from jumping when he was a puppy. However, if your Belgian Malinois has developed this habit, then you have to work hard. Here are some strategies to eliminate or at least reduce jumping behavior.


Manage your Belgian Malinova

The best way to prevent jumping is to prevent it from happening. The more you jump and the more rewards your Belgian Malinova gets, the more difficult it is to control it. If your Belgian Malinois is surrounded by people and they make him too excited, tie him to a leash so you can walk away easily and prevent jumping.

Remove reward

The Belgian Malinois believes that taking food or his favorite toy away is negative punishment. For example, if your Belgian Malinois jumps up to attract attention, remove the reward (attention in your case). You can ignore the Belgian Malinova, or turn around. Lack of incentives will lead to fewer adverse reactions.

Consistent behavior

If you stop paying attention to your jumping Belgian Malinoisir after months or weeks of doing it, you may find nothing useful. When the Belgian Malinoiswa notices that he is no longer being noticed, he can even jump with greater intensity to understand why jumping does not produce the desired results. This is a normal process. It is very important to consistently ignore it. This stage means that your training is effective.


Talk to friends and guests to ignore Belgian Malinois

Even if you don’t pay attention to your Belgian Malinois when it jumps, others may not. If you allow others to do so, your Belgian Malinois will understand that you don’t like this behavior, but others do. It doesn’t help solve the problem at all. Talk to friends and guests and explain to them that jumping should not be encouraged. If someone else ignored Belgian Malinois, when he started jumping, he would understand that “no jumping” applies to everyone. Jumping can cause many problems. For example, your Marino may damage someone’s expensive suit or scratch a child with a nail. Learn from your Marino, don’t jump! If he is already in the habit, make every effort to reduce it.