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How to shave a springer spaniel?

How to shave a Springer Spaniel? I think shaving Springer Spaniel’s coat in the summer is an easy way to keep him cool when we go out, but that didn’t happen. It will only make things worse.

After shaving Springer Spaniel’s coat, his heat resistance is even worse. Ten years later, his coat still hasn’t recovered. Springer Spaniel’s once smooth, beautiful, shiny coat turned into a rough, curly mess that took hours to fix. Springer Spaniel’s coat was scratched and he had to endure the terrible plastic surgery without shaving.


What do you need to know before shaving your Springer Spaniel?

Shaving your Springer Spaniel coat in the summer sounds like a good idea, but it doesn’t always turn out that way. Have you ever thought about shaving your Springer Spaniel coat in the summer? I shaved my Springer Spaniel’s coat a few years ago, thinking it would keep it cool, but unfortunately, the effect of Springer Spaniel’s shaving was just the opposite. What I didn’t know at the time was that what kind of coat your dog was decided whether they should shave. Before you decide to shave your dog this summer, remember: double-coated dogs should not shave their coats. Shaving a dog’s coat with two layers of fur doesn’t help keep him calm, it just makes things worse.

Why shouldn’t shave a Springer Spaniel in summer?

When deciding whether to shave your dog, Springer Spaniel needs to determine what kind of coat to wear. Double coated varieties are those that have two layers of fur. The top layer is tough guard hair, and the bottom layer is thick fur, which is called undercoat. Fluff is a fine layer of hair close to the animal’s skin that helps them stay cool in summer and warm in winter. In the Springer, they will go through a major depilation period, that is, the blowing period, when most of the fluff will be released to make way for their lighter summer fur. Shaving a Springer Spaniel can permanently damage their fur, contrary to popular belief that shaving a Springer Spaniel doesn’t help them stay cool in summer. Shaving double coated dogs should be done in extreme cases on mattresses or with certain skin conditions. Buy an English Springer Spaniel.

How to shave Springer Spaniel?


If you really want to shave a Springer spaniel, you can ask for permission from your regular beautician to shave Springer spaniel. Springer Spaniel can sense your emotions and usually judge if you’re nervous, so it’s good for you and your pet to stay calm when you shave Springer spaniel.

Watching not only helps to relax you, you may also learn some useful tips that you can apply when you shave your Springer spaniel. When you put your dog on a table, hold the dog’s collar tightly.

For hands-free grooming, you can tie a belt to the back of the chair and push the chair in. Tie your Springer Spaniel to the other end of the belt so that when you comb it, it won’t jump down to avoid your scissors, which is good for shaving Springer spaniel.

If you know your dog is particularly squirming or resistant to grooming, ask a friend to help you. Put the blade on your scissors and start shaving Springer Spaniel’s head. Pay attention to the face, especially around the eyes and ears. Use scissors at least an inch away from your dog’s eyes.

Then you can use a blade to scrape Springer Spaniel under his armpit and under his tail. Place the scissors flat on the dog’s skin with the comb connector to prevent injury. You have to stop shaving Springer Spaniel, and if your dog starts squirming too much, you can wait for it to calm down.