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How to Select a Pomeranian?

The Pomeranian is a compact, short-backed, active peep-dog. It is alert and well-bred. But how do we choose a Pomeranian? Let’s take a look.

1. Look at the Pomeranian’s head

A pure-bred Pomeranian has a prominent frontal segment, with a 90-degree angle from the bridge of the nose to the head, while a hybrid Pomeranian has a less prominent frontal segment, unable to reach a 90-degree Angle. The second is the pure-bred Pomeranian mouth is thin, short, pointed, small triangle, ears are very small, the distance between the ears is moderate, not too wide, puppies (3-4 months) ears almost buried in the hair can not be seen.


2. Look at the Pomeranian’s coat

Pomeranians are covered in two coats. The undercoat is very soft and spidery. The upper coat is straight and thick and covers the whole body around the head. Hair quantity is, of course, the thicker the better, hair besides natural reason, daily diet also can cause, pet owner at ordinary times when raising can choose a few to contain the natural dog food of deep-sea fish oil to help the Pomeranian more beautiful. Deep-sea fish oil will make the dog’s coat hair shine smooth, which will let its hair look better!

3. Look at the Pomeranian’s skeleton

The front legs of a Pomeranian are slightly higher than the hind legs, and the back is straight and short. This is important because a good Pomeranian has a bulbous body, a high tail, a wide, deep chest, and a straight chest. In the daily feeding to pay attention to more exercise, exercise is conducive to bone development, but also to pay attention to nutrition, calcium supplement, strengthen bone, the adult will be more beautiful, more robust!


4. Look at the Pomeranian’s mouth

Pomeranian puppy mouth to flat, like the mouth of the child, this mouth will grow up to be beautiful, this mouth is more than two months of the little Pomeranian, because the little Pomeranian to more than three months, the mouth will change. Check the puppy’s mouth by the way when choosing, healthy puppy’s mouth is not smelly, feeding feed also often give the dog teeth molar, do not often a molar dog, there will be bad breath, periodontitis, and other oral problems, molar can choose some bones or dog teeth molar snacks, effective cleaning mouth!

5. Look at the Pomeranian’s character

Pomeranian characters, such as brave, alert, kind, self-confident, see strangers not timid, have a good nerve type. When shopping, the pet owner can observe whether he is afraid of strangers, whether he can consciously play with others, whether he is sensitive to the noise he makes or the shaking of his handkerchief, whether he is interested in throwing objects at him, whether he has a desire to play with people and other dogs.