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How to properly feed the Schnauzer a snack?

You should know that Schnauzer’s most important source of nutrition is dog food, so the main purpose of breeding is to keep the schnauzer healthy and growing, so make sure that dog food is the main food for the Schnauzer. It’s just that owners need to understand that snacks are only good as appetizers and supplements for Schnauzers, and should not be eaten too often or too much. Here’s what you need to know about snacking for Schnauzers:


1.The total amount of schnauzer snacks to appropriate control

If the Schnauzer dog snacks eat too much, it may not be able to eat a good dinner, in the long run, may cause schnauzer malnutrition. Sometimes the owner may feed the Schnauzer a snack from time to time during their time with the Schnauzer, and at the end of the day, the Schnauzer’s stomach may be too full to hold down dinner, so the main moderation Oh, do not give the Schnauzer to eat snacks.

2. Don’t replace the meals with snacks

Some owners may think it’s okay to give Schnauzer a snack, as long as the Schnauzer is well fed and well-fed. In fact, this perception is very wrong, why say so? Think about it for yourself. What would a person do if he ate nothing but snacks every day? So put yourself in the shoes of a Schnauzer, and you don’t eat to fill your stomach, you eat to get the nutrients. To know that even snacks contain some of the nutrients but are also very simple, to the schnauzer healthy growth, you need a rich and balanced formula food, which is dog food, so owners must not substitute snacks for the Schnauzer’s dinner.


3. Food for Schnauzer puppies

Since puppies are not breastfed, they are unable to digest complex foods, so during this time, they can be softened with sheep’s milk. Do not feed the Schnauzer puppy human milk powder or food, to prevent cause puppy indigestion. If the puppy home-made food, be sure to cook the food thoroughly, you can put the food together into porridge for the puppy to eat. Puppy development is the most critical period of puppy development and may affect the health of the dog later on. Therefore, the owner should take more time and effort to nourish the dog. The puppy’s body resistance is weak, the sleep quantity is big, therefore in this period of time, the pet owner should create a comfortable safe sleep environment for the puppy, in order to prevent the puppy to catch a cold. A pet owner can place a blanket where the puppy lives. For Future Health, puppies need to be vaccinated at about two months of age, and the range of vaccines includes distemper vaccine, Rabies vaccine, etc., these dogs easy to get the disease mortality rate is very high, so pet owners must not be negligent. Because the puppy is in the growing period, this time is the owner of the puppy to develop good habits of the key period, so the owner can use this time to do some guided training for the puppy. Puppies are very curious about the outside world, and they know a thing is by mouth, so there will be an indiscriminate eating phenomenon. Therefore, in order to prevent the puppies from chaotic things to cause harm to the body, the owner should put away everything at home, especially medicine, detergent, and some small items.