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How To Properly Deworm Your Dog?

When we talk about deworming, what kind of worm do we need to get rid of them?

In vivo deworming include Ascaris, tapeworm, hookworm, and some nematodes, including centromeria.

In vitro deworming include flea, louse, mite, tick, and so on.

What are the dangers of these parasites?

Parasites can rob dogs of their nutrients, make them thin and anaemic, and cause symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. Ectoparasites can feed on dogs’ blood, causing them to become malnourished and other skin problems.

How to deworm?

In Vitro Deworming

Steps: Take a certain brand as an example. First, select the appropriate weight of your dog. Open the drops, and then separate the hair on the back of the dog’s neck to expose the skin. Then, drop the drops on the skin.

Spray: Remove the hair and spray the spray at the root of the hair. Spray all over the body. Then put on disposable gloves and rub all over the body, or spray directly on the gloves for rubbing.


In Vivo Deworming

Weigh the dog first, to choose the appropriate dose of deworming medicine. Some drugs are high-dose tablets, which should be separated according to bodyweight strictly. Drugs can be mixed with snacks or food to feed.

Take a brand of in vivo deworming drug as an example: this drug is 10KG/1 pill, a 2.5 kg weight dog, need to divide the drug into 1/4, and then use the drug feeder or hidden in food feeding.

How often do I need to deworm?

In vivo deworming: different drug deworming interval is different, specific should refer to the corresponding drug instructions or follow the doctor’s advice. (Deworming is carried out on 3-5 days after feeding when the celestial body is in good condition, and once a month before 6 months of age)

In vitro deworming: Refer to the drug instructions for details. On the market at present commonly used in vitro deworming drug efficacy is a month, so the proposal is once a month. (It is recommended that puppies be deworming in vitro after 45 days of age, and it is recommended to choose milder drugs)

If I found bugs in my poop after I took the medicine! What should we do?

All deworming drugs can only kill the adult worms and should be done again after the eggs hatch in the body. It is generally recommended to reactivate after half a month and repeat it 3-4 times before removing the parasites from the body.

Did not discover bug after taking medicine, does medicine have an effect? Or are there no bugs?

No worms pulled out after taking the medicine does not mean that there are no worms in the body. In the case of a relatively small number of worms in the body, the worms will be decomposed and absorbed by the intestines after death, so it will be invisible naturally.

In what state does the dog not suit to eat deworming medicine?

If the dog is in a sick state, or when the constitution is very poor, generally not recommended insect repellent. Or dogs that are allergic to some of the deworming drug ingredients may need to find another drug instead.

Drug side effects and treatment

Some dogs with excessive or sensitive deworming drugs may experience side effects such as vomiting and diarrhea. In general, this situation can be restored by feeding some probiotics conditioning, if the situation is serious it is recommended to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Worms are a big threaten to dog health, that’s why we need to know how to deworm dogs.