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How to prevent your Belgian Malinois from barking?

Belgian Malinois barking is a common problem, but also an annoying one: your dog behaves well when you go home. But as soon as you leave, he can’t shut up. Barking and whining drive your neighbor crazy. Nonsense. Your dog has a reason to show it. Boredom, irritability, fear, and separation anxiety are all common reasons your dog may bark and whine away. Instead, if you’re evicted from the neighborhood, try these tricks to distract him or change his behavior so that he doesn’t bark.


Practice Belgian Malinois

Before you leave in the morning, make sure your Belgian Malinoisir has enough exercise. Tired dogs prefer quiet rest. If possible, get a dog walker.

A jigsaw of Belgian Malinois

There are many commercial and home-made products that allow your Belgian Malinoisir to do something while you are away. Snacks can be put in a hole toy, and the dog will try to get it out. This is an incompatible behavior with barking.

Familiar voice

When a dog barks on the radio, for example, a dog barking on the radio, for example, maybe left behind by the Barker. The idea is that when the homeowner is present, these sounds are similar to those of the family.


Citronella collar

When a Belgian Malinova dog barks, the citronella collar emits a puff of citronella. Citronella is made from citronella oil, usually used in perfumes, candles, and incense. The collar is considered a humane alternative to a shockproof bark collar. Problems can occur when more than one dog is barking, and sometimes it is difficult to fit a collar on a very small dog. Online commentators report that some dogs have learned to bark with tones and frequencies that cannot be detected by their collars.
Anti peeling device (without collar)
There are several anti-stripping devices that do not involve collars. These devices can detect the barking of a dog and make a high pitch that only a Belgian Malinoisir can make. If your Belgian Malinoisir barks because he’s bored, it can distract his attention and keep him busy, for example, by having a hole full of food or a “brain puzzle” to make him happy – which may solve the problem. But if his barking continues, you may need to play detective and explore beyond the simplest solution. Keep in mind that as a dog trainer (or animal behaviorist), it’s important to discover the function of the behavior. Once you’ve determined what triggered his barking, you can reduce or eliminate that trigger.

Separation anxiety in Belgian Malinois dogs

A recent study confirms what many dog behaviorists and owners already know: separation anxiety is a complex problem. Your smartphone can be a very useful tool to diagnose the root cause of your Belgian Malinoisir’s behavior. Consider using a smartphone app like barkio or pet monitor vigi to remotely observe your dog, or a simple babysitter camera. When a Belgian dog barks in the yard, or if there is no sign of you barking in the Belgian Malinois dog, see if there is any sign of you becoming bored by watching the Belgian dog barking in the yard.