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How to prevent Siberian Husky from getting skin disease?

Husky suffered from skin disease, the affected areas may appear itching, Erythema, depilation, dandruff symptoms, serious aesthetic impact, in addition to some skin diseases will not only be infected to peers, but also to the host, a lot of harm. In order to prevent Husky from suffering from skin disease, the owner in the daily maintenance process must take precautions. Let’s take a look at some specific measures?


1. Brush daily and bathe regularly

Grooming Husky every day not only keeps the dog’s hair healthy, but it also keeps the dog’s body clear of parasites. Ectoparasites (fleas, mites, lice, etc.) can cause Husky to develop parasitic skin diseases that, if transmitted to the host, can also affect the host. At the same time, the owner will also give the dog a regular bath, so as to eliminate the dog’s body bacteria and viruses, the dog will also greatly reduce the likelihood of skin diseases.

2. Avoid contact with sick dogs

Many dogs get skin diseases from contact with sick dogs or other sick animals. To prevent this from happening, owners must put a leash on their dogs when taking them out of the house. When you come across a stray animal that seems to be sick, don’t let your dog get entangled with them to avoid getting sick.

3. Pay attention to your dog:

In addition to bacteria, fungi, and parasites that can cause Husky’s skin problems, some dogs also develop symptoms of skin diseases such as allergies, so it’s important for the owner to keep an eye on Husky as he nurtures her. If the dog is allergic to certain substances, the owner should not expose the dog to them.


4. Disinfect dog products regularly:


On hot, humid days, where bacteria thrive, Husky’s skin is naturally prone to problems.

5. Sunbathing:

Uv Rays from the Sun Do kill certain bacteria, viruses, etc., so moderate Sunbathing is good for dogs. But the owner must not because of the dog sterilization on a long time to let the dog stand in the sun, or the dog is very easy to be sunburned, or even lead to heatstroke. Especially in the summer, do not take the dog out in the afternoon, morning, and evening is the best time to walk the dog.

Husky suffered from a skin disease, the body will be messy, the owner can not ignore the pet dog at this time, this time the dog more need the care and love of the owner, to get through the treatment of skin disease of the long difficult period. For Husky’s skin disease, the owner should find out the cause after symptomatic treatment, not indiscriminate use of drugs. Young Husky will have itchy skin, rough coat, severe depilation of the whole body, causing allergic dermatitis, and so on. When we are in treatment, should choose appropriate external insecticide above all. At the same time, we should also make anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory treatment. Of course, all of these treatment methods and drugs should first seek the consent of the veterinarian and then proceed to the next step.