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How to potty train a Tibetan spaniel?

How do you potty train a Tibetan spaniel with a bedpan and an apartment crate? Tibetan Spaniel’s head to body ratio is small. Its wide eyes give it an ape-like expression. Tibetan Spaniel’s mouth is too tight. Fast, straight, free. The coat of the Tibetan spaniel is a bilayer, lying flat, silky, medium length, and long mane. The tail is feathery, with long feathers growing between the toes. Tibetan spaniel is independent, bold, and stubborn, but it is also sensitive and submissive. It has a happy attitude to enjoy games and outings with family. Tibetan Spaniel also likes to nap next to his special people. This is a very pleasant and picky dog. He is amiable to other dogs and animals, but very reserved to strangers.


Sports needs of Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Spaniel’s exercise needs are small, but they are daily. Tibetan Spaniel‘s needs can be met by playing games in the house or in the yard, or by taking a leash for a short walk. This variety is suitable for apartment life and should not live outside. Its fur needs to be brushed twice a week. Tibetan Buddhism is intertwined with Tibetan Buddhism. The Lamaist form of Buddhism sees the lion as an important symbol because it is said to follow the Buddha like a dog. The little poodle, who follows their Lama master, is regarded as a symbol of the sacred lion, so it is highly valued.

How to train Tibetan Spaniel to use the toilet at home?

Training a puppy or adult Tibetan Spaniel at home is a very important issue for its owner, and even an exclusive tip is very useful. If you want to make your Tibetan Spaniel suitable for polite companions, the first step is to potty train it. Some people think this kind of training is a kind of trouble, some people think it is a kind of challenge.
(1) Train the Tibetan Spaniel to go to the toilet:
Regardless of breed, family training of puppies is considered one of the biggest challenges for dog owners. If you think training your dog at home just requires a steady old newspaper, think again. Tibetan Spaniel didn’t fully control his bladder until he was four to five months old. Because puppies grow rapidly in this period, they eat more than adult Tibetan dogs, consume more calories and need to be eliminated more frequently. After every nap, meal, drink or play in Tibetan spaniel, take your puppy to its designated place (indoor or outdoor, no matter where you decide to be) and stay there until it disappears. Then take him to his box. You have to repeat this every day until he gets used to it.

(2) Training adult Tibetan Spaniel:
The best way to train adult Tibetan Spaniel at home is to start from scratch. You have to watch the Tibetan Spaniel carefully. You can even write down where and when he’s going. Is he defecating when you are at home, or only when you are outside; when he feels the need to go out, can you arrange a time to stay at home. You can try the dog cage, but be careful to introduce it slowly to Tibetan spaniel.