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How to Pick up a Siberian Husky?

Siberian Husky is one of the more famous companion dogs, breeding is also more in the life, I believe that we will want to buy one with high quality, good quality of the Siberian Husky, this dog on the IQ and ancestry are outstanding, then we will come together to learn the proper way to select quality huskies.


1. Shoulder height and weight

At the time of purchase, we’d better buy a purebred Siberian Husky, because purebred huskies are more stable and better appearance. And the constitution will be stronger, and purebred huskies is similar in shape to see, but some are larger than Wolf, as an adult dog, the Siberian Husky dog’s standard shoulder height between 53-58 cm, weight at about 20-27 kg, the female adult huskies standard should shoulder height between 51 and 56 cm, weight at about 16-23 kg. If shoulder height or weight is above or below this level, it is generally considered a disqualification.

2. Head features

High-quality Siberian Huskies have bright, vibrant eyes that take on an almond shape. The ears of huskies are characterized by thick ears, thick hair, and an arched neck that joins the head. If the eyes are too close together or too far apart, too much distance between the ears is not considered a purebred and is considered a disqualification.

3. Coat color and quantity

High-quality Siberian Huskies have a uniform color and a rich amount of hair. At the same time, we can see that their hair is as smooth and shiny as silk, especially after bathing, which is very soft. If the hair is sparse and dry and breaks easily, the hair is of poor quality and the dog is not in good physical condition.


4. Bone mass and torso

Observe the Siberian Huskies whole body shape is a strong, uniform, especially in the walk, robust limbs, pace consistent, at the same time, best can knead a pinch on the dog’s leg and claw bones, feel the dog’s skeleton size, bone density and so on if the frame is thick, illustrate the dog health is good, but if the huskies skeleton special small, may a dog would be fine to the whole, easy to get sick.

5. Mental state

Siberian Husky, when we choose and buy into dogs and puppies, we should observe how the state of mind is very important, if a dog like at the feet of the people, that have good personalities, has better social and get along well with your family if the dog is always shrinking in the corner is not willing to move, mental state is not very good, also do not recommend to buy.

When buying Siberian Huskies, if possible, we try to go to the regular professional kennel, because if we buy in the regular point kennel, we have the pedigree certificate and the certificate of husky vaccination before, so that can have a basic guarantee for the pedigree and health of the dog. If we are buying at the pet market, we should definitely buy with an experienced friend.