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How to Pick up a Samoyed?

One of the more popular dog breeds in Samoyed, it is believed that many people are attracted to Samoyed’s appearance, so if you want to keep samoyed, how should you choose when you choose? Let’s take a look at how to choose a healthy samoyed!


1. Look at Samoyed’s butt

A healthy Samoyed puppy’s butt is pink and should be tight, closed inwards so it doesn’t stick to the sides of the butt and doesn’t stink. If your Samoyed puppy has a fresh poop mark on its anus and smells bad, don’t choose it!

2. Look into Samoyed’s eyes

Samoyed is a pure white puppy, and if you see a lot of eye excrement or tears in his eyes when you choose, you should not choose. Because dogs in puppy period are no tears, if there are tears after feeding, then advise you to control the absorption of salt, dog food choose a light low salt, can reduce tears!

3. Look at Samoyed’s mouth

And Samoyed’s mouth is also crucial, a healthy samoyed has reddish gums and tongue, so try to look at it when you pick.

And if there is bad breath, yellow teeth also try not to choose!


4. See the spirit of Samoyed

Samoyed when the selection of his State of mind, if the listless samoyed advises you not to choose, try to pick a good spirit. We’d better choose which one you run on as soon as you get close, so samoyed will grow up to be very docile and will not attack people at will!

5. Don’t buy Samoyed in winter

If you can, it’s best not to buy samoyed in the winter, because Samoyed is vulnerable during puppy season, which is also a high season for distemper and parvovirus. Buying a Samoyed puppy in this season is difficult and has a high mortality rate once the puppy is infected with distemper and is treated for minor injuries!

6. Other points:

When we first came into contact with the Samoyed puppy, it came to you automatically and confidently, its eyes bright, wagging its tail, you can believe that it is a normal and healthy puppy. On the contrary, if it approaches it, snorting and skulking in the shadows, it is a lonely little dog. If you stroke him gently with your hand, he jumps or barks loudly. This is a nervous puppy from the inbreeding, we try not to pick one. The body fur of a Samoyed puppy, including its arms and legs and tail, should not be bald, Dander, ectoparasites, or itching. Meanwhile, Samoyed’s abdomen should not be excessively swollen or swollen.

7. Samoyed feeding notes:

Choose a puppy you like must pay attention to feeding problems, Samoyed in puppy eat less, suggest to eat more meals, do not feed a lot, easy to kill it, after all, puppies do not realize when they will be full. Also, Samoyed has a weak stomach when he’s a puppy, so it’s best not to give him indigestible food, and milk, too. We can give him probiotics.