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How to make Pomeranian’s coat hair more beautiful?

Pomeranian was an extrovert and lively dog, a Pomeranian originally from Germany and a member of the Fox breed. Early Pomeranians were large and had mostly white hair. With the development of modern breeding technology, Pomeranian gradually evolved into today’s small breed. So when it comes to small pet dogs, Pomeranians are often the first thing people think of.

Some people said his family raised the Pomeranian, more than a year, according to reason is also an adult, but the hair is not long. If the Pomeranian at home is quite different from the purebred Pomeranian in terms of coat color and hair length, the reason may be that the breed is not pure enough, or that it is not properly bred, such as inadequate nutrition, can not fully accept the sun and other reasons.


1. Give Pomeranian protein-rich foods.

If we want to make our dog’s fur shiny and beautiful, we can feed him more protein-rich foods such as lean meat, and egg yolks every day, some contain vitamin E, vitamin D feed is also a good choice. In addition, we can add seaweed food, vegetables, but we should pay attention to those as little as possible to feed polysaccharides, high salt, high starch food. POMERANIAN: A Pomeranian who is generally obese and has a fat build-up, his coat loses its luster.


2. Take a Pomeranian outside to enjoy the sunshine

At the same time, we should always take the dog out to enjoy the sunshine, this can not only absorb ultraviolet rays to play a role in sterilization, but also through the exercise to promote their blood circulation, to promote healthy dog hair growth.

3. Insist on grooming Pomeranians

In order to make Pomeranian grow more beautiful hair, we should insist on combing hair once every morning and evening, time control in 5 minutes is appropriate. Now a lot of people will give it a thin coat of hair oil, this is also a good way.

In short, we must not slacken our efforts if little Pomeranian is to maintain her dorky appearance. We insist on regular grooming and nutrition for the Pomeranian.