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How to make Corgi’s trauma recover faster?

Corgi dog is very intelligent, cheerful, like sports, is a good hobby dog. Therefore, every time the corgi goes out with the pet owner, once the corgi sees other dogs, it is inevitable that there will be a lot of noise in the past. Therefore, in the whole process of playing, there will be skin injury. Now let’s take a look at some ways to make Corgi’s wound heal faster.


1、 How to distinguish the injury?

When you see your Koki injured, the pet owner must check whether the dog’s limbs have wood or bone cracks, or whether the wound is large or too deep. If Corgi doesn’t have a bone fracture and the injury is not serious, then the pet owner can solve the wound for the dog at home.

2、 Remove and disinfect immediately

When treating Corgi’s wound, the pet owner should first bring a suitable Elisabeth collar to the dog. During the whole process of disinfecting and sterilizing Corgi’s wound, it may feel the pain to prevent it from biting his hand. After that, the owner also needs to remove the hair from the dog’s wound. The owner should cut the Corgi’s hair around the wound with scissors to prevent the hair from entering the wound. Then you have to use salt water to clean the wound, then use hydrogen peroxide or red medicine water ball to scrub the wound, do simple disinfection and sterilization.

3、 Sprinkle some powder on the wound

After cleaning the wound, the pet owner should spread some powder evenly on the wound to completely cover the surface of the wound. After that, cotton wadding was used to squeeze the wound, and then sandbags were used to outsource the wound, and adhesive tape was applied to prevent it from falling off. During the whole process, the owner must be gentle, and there is no need to hurt the dog. In order to prevent corgi from licking the wound or biting on the strapped sandbag, the owner must bring the dog an Elisabeth collar as much as possible before the wound heals.


4、 Take good care of all aspects

During this period of time, pet owners should pay more attention to the condition of the Corgi‘s wound, regularly carry out cleaning and changing medicine, and also feed the dog some digestible food. If the owner is better, It should not take the dog out of the house quickly.