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How to make anti allergy food for poodle?

Poodle dogs, like people, may also have food allergies, so for their feeding, we should pay attention to dietary taboos. For example, gluten-free food is actually to prevent gluten allergy in dogs. However, due to the high cost of professional dog food and canned dog food, many parents may not be able to afford it. So, we may as well learn to make healthy dog food by ourselves. The food market and supermarket are very good to buy, and the cost is much lower. So, how to prevent the food allergy of a poodle?

1. Ingredients required:

1.5kg chicken, 1 bowl of cooked brown rice, 1 small bowl of boiled vegetables (chopped), a small amount of ketchup or pumpkin sauce.

2. Practice:

(1) Fried chicken. Stir fry the chicken in a pan until it is almost done. You can put some water properly to avoid frying.
(2) Add chopped vegetables and stir fry over low heat.
(3) Add brown rice. First, the owner could break up the brown rice and then stir fry it. When the meat and rice are stir-fried, the taste will be very fragrant.
(4) Add ketchup or pumpkin sauce. Simply stir fry and turn off the heat.
(5) The dog can eat the rice when it is cold. Cool for at least 15 to 20 minutes.
(6) The owner estimates the size of the poodle’s meal and gives it the right amount of food. The rest in the pot can be refrigerated in the refrigerator.

3. Warm tips:

(1) Vegetables can be cooked with chicken, and then stir-fried with rice. It is better to make vegetables in a large pot.
(2) Nutritious vegetables include sweet potato, green beans, broccoli, pumpkin, and so on. Before making a dog meal, sweet potatoes should be steamed, broccoli and green beans should be cooked, and then mixed with brown rice and chicken.
(3) Don’t often give dogs to eat different varieties of vegetables, easy to cause diarrhea. There should also be a step-by-step process in case of replacement.
Warning: owners should never add onions or garlic to the poodle’s food. These foods can affect red blood cells and cause gastroenteritis.

4. Eating habits

(1) Dog food has low moisture content and various shapes. It can be stored for a long time without putting it in the refrigerator. The nutrition is stable. In the process of biting with the mouth, it can clean the tooth stones by the way, but the taste is not as good as canned food.
(2) According to the price, the moisture content of canned food varies with the price. The advantage is that the ingredients like vitamins are not easy to lose, and the flavor is good and fragrant. Dogs like to eat them. The disadvantage is that it contains more meat, poop will stink, eat too long teeth stone. Favorite taste of poodle: like meat, do not like to eat dog food, like sweet food, and heavy taste food, of course, the smell of food is also very important, which will affect the dog’s appetite. Frequency and weight of food: different poodles eat different portions. Most dogs will eat as much as their owners feed them. In this way, poodle dogs are easily damaged because the owners can’t control the amount. So you need to feed at a fixed time every day. Make sure you have seven full.