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How to keep my Snorkie happy?

Keeping snorkie is a challenge. Like humans, their behavior can be painful. Here are some of the dog’s most annoying habits and what you can do to avoid them and keep snorkie happy.

Understanding snorkie’s bark

Shorkies are a good watchdog. If there are strangers at your door, it will let you know. Although you don’t have to install a doorbell, its bark may annoy your neighbors. As you can see, barking is good. The key is to stop your dog when necessary. When your dog barks, gently close its mouth. Add “don’t talk” to the action. Do this a few times. Your pet will eventually get the message that it should stop barking.


Ignore your snorkie at certain times

Snorkie is very friendly and approaches almost everyone with warm greetings. However, for some people, they may be a little too sociable. Besides, their nails may be too sharp. When you enter the house, don’t immediately greet your pet. Doing so will only increase its neural energy. Keep confident until your pet calms down.

Avoid chasing animals

You should stop this kind of behavior, because it may lead to accidents. If your dog likes to chase other dogs or cars, here’s what to do. Your dog should understand the commands of “sit”, “come” and “stay”. It should respond immediately to this. If you want to give your pet another chance to play chase game, you can go to the dog park to play this game to make snorkie happier. Buy a Snorkie.

Don’t let snorkie get distracted at dinner

If you have a greedy snorkie, you want it to stop asking for food at the table. Feed it when you eat. It’s a distraction. Never pay attention to begging, even negative “no”. Your dog will use this reaction as a license to continue to do it.

Avoid snorkie bites

This habit looks cute, but if it’s not controlled, it can lead to aggression. When your dog bites you, let out a scream and ignore it. Snorkie is emotionally smart; they understand that speaking hurts. Once you get the message, your people will stop doing it.


Spend more time with your snorkie

This kind of behavior is one to note, if you have a snorkie, you can’t leave it alone at home for too long. You also have to train it to adapt to your absence. When you leave home, say goodbye to your pet, but don’t make a fuss. That will make the dog sure you won’t be away for long, and you can calm him down with soft music.