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How to improve the intelligence quotient of Maltese?

The intelligence quotient of the Maltese dog ranks 59th in the world dog species intelligence quotient list, belongs to not intelligent, but also not a stupid dog, but if the owner lets the dog intelligence and so on continue to be challenged, accepts the new thing also can let the Maltese dog’s intelligence quotient to have the enhancement. Now let’s take a look at how to improve the intelligence quotient of the Marquis dog.

1. Teach Maltese new instructions

Each time a Maltese dog is trained, it is equivalent to a challenge of intelligence. Therefore, after they learn this training, their intelligence quotient will be improved correspondingly. Therefore, if you want to be smart, the owner can teach them more instructions.


2. Interactive games

Interactive games can be playing catch, Frisbee, tug of war, guessing which cup the food is in, etc. these games can effectively improve the intelligence and communication ability of the Maltese dog, and can also enhance the emotion and tacit understanding between the dog and its owner.

3. Educational toys

The more common are leaky food balls, slow food plates, puzzle food plates. These toys not only can improve the intelligence quotient of Maltese dogs but also can effectively prevent them from making trouble at home. It is suggested that the owners should not feed the dogs before going out but put the food in these toys. In this way, all the energy of the Maltese dogs will be spent in the struggle for food and toys, and there will be no time to disturb the dogs.


4. Multiple routes

In fact, when taking a Maltese dog out for a walk, the owner can take different routes, so that they can see different environments, different people, and different dogs, making the walk full of freshness. At the same time, it can also improve the memory ability of the Maltese dog and let them know more about the way home.

Many people mistakenly think that proper punishment is a cruel or even a useless training tool. In fact, as long as the punishment is used, it is quite effective to prohibit the Maltese from doing a certain act. People who train puppies in a positive way are respectable, but those who know how to use punishment correctly and achieve training goals are admirable. Take a dog to see a veterinarian, for example. We had the vet give the dog injections and blood. When the dog is big enough, it may even be operated on. It would be hypocritical for us to insist on not letting the dog suffer. We will make dogs uncomfortable or even painful for health reasons, but we are not willing to punish dogs properly for training requirements.